Board of Directors & Staff





One of the best museums in the country, the Pasadena Museum of California Art in Pasadena's Old Town is also well worth the visit.-The Huffington Post

Board of Directors

        • Jay Belloli
        • Jim Crawford
        • Julie Gutierrez
        • Reed Halladay
        • Gina Knox
        • Joyce Leddy
        • Jen Olson
        • Arlene Oltman
          Founder & Secretary
        • Robert Oltman
        • Patsy Pinney
        • Peter Richman
        • Earlene Seymour
      • Christopher Wilson


    • Susana Smith Bautista, Ph.D.
      Executive Director
    • Kirsten Casey
      Bookstore Associate
    • Leah Clancy
      Education & Engagement Coordinator
    • Emmett Clements
      Lead Preparator & Special Projects Manager
    • Mehrnoosh Eskandari
      Bookstore Associate
    • Sergio Gomez
      Exhibition Designer
    • Sarah Mitchell
      Director of Exhibitions
    • Natalie Moreno-Cason
      Finance Manager
    • Mark Stenroos
      Director of Development
    • Tai-Ling Wong
      Bookstore Associate

The Building

In 1999, the Oltmans commissioned the Los Angeles architectural firm MDA Johnson Favaro Architecture and Urban Design to create the Museum. They broke ground in December 2000, and the Museum opened to the public in June 2002.

Google Street Art Project

In March 2015, the PMCA contributed to the Google Street Art Project, a collection of images and online exhibitions from organizations around the world. Included as part of the Project are: Layer: A Loose Horizon (2012); Street Cred: Graffiti Art from Concrete to Canvas (2011); Susan Silton: Inside Out (2007); and artist Kenny Scharf’s Kosmic Krylon Garage (2004).