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    Susan and Jim Crawford+*°
    Chris and Reed Halladay+*°
    Michael Napoliello, Jr.
    Arlene and Bob Oltman+*°
    Catherine Partridge*
    Mark Pigott
    Los Angeles County Arts Commission


  • Bente and Gerald E. Buck
    Jeff Dutra°
    Bill and Brenda Galloway*
    Mark and Janet Hilbert
    Penny and Jay Lusche+*°
    Deedie and Ted McCarthy
    Marie and Peter Richman+*
    Donna and Mark Salzberg
  • Barbara Alexander and Thomas B. Stiles
    The Getty Foundation
    The Historical Collections Council of California Art°
    Pasadena Art Alliance
    Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission


  • Elaine and Peter Adams
    Kathleen and Paul Bagley
    Barbara and Michael Brickman
    Joyce and Thomas Leddy+*°
    Saundra and Lee Minshull
    Maranda and Jeff Moran+*
  • Peggy Phelps
    Earlene and Herbert Seymour°
    Dwight Stuart, Jr.
    Edenhurst Gallery
    Energy Capital Partners, LLC
    James Irvine Foundation
    John Moran Auctioneers°
    Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
    Sam Francis Foundation
    Southern California Council, National Museum of Women in the Arts


  • The Los Angeles County Arts Commission
  • Orrin Addis
    Carrie Adrian*
    Richard Baker
  • Charles and Lisa Battaglia*
    Yvonne Boseker°
    Andrea and Hal Burroughs
    Kelvin Davis
  • Marie and Murray Demo
    Robert B. Egelston
    Robert Giem
  • Mark Goldstein and Pamela Marx*
    Lori and Jeff Hyland°
    Lois and Chris Madison*
    Merry Norris
    Elma and Earl Payton
    Charles and Eileen Read
    Robin and Ben Stafford*
    Elizabeth Staggs-Wilson and Andrew Wilson
    Irene and George Stern°
    Diane and Sam Stewart
  • The Ann Baumann Trust
    The Annenberg Foundation
    Automobile Club of Southern California
    Bonhams Auctioneers°
    Broidy Capital Management
    Dwight Stuart Youth Fund
    Leslie and Elaine S. Hoffman Foundation
    Louis Stern Fine Arts
    Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
    Josh Hardy Galleries
    Littler Mendelson
    Medicine Man Gallery, Inc.
    Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, LLC
    Pasadena Arts League
    Pasadena Community Foundation
    Peter Norton Family Foundation on behalf of Eileen Harris Norton
    The Redfern Gallery°
  • Robert A. Waller Foundation
  • The Shifting Foundation
    Sunset Magazine
  • Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation*
    WHH Foundation


  • Elaine G. AttiasAnn and Olin Barrett*
    Susan Chang
    Francine and Herb Cooper*
    Karen Bedrosian-Coyne and Ted Coyne
    Priscilla and Ranney Draper
    Kim and Al Eiber
    Linda and James Freund
    Susan Futterman and Arnold Siegel
    Susan and Whitney Ganz
    Jay Howard Grodin
    Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
    Elaine and Kenneth Langone
    Rob Levy
  • Chris and Beverly Jones*
  • Harvey and Ellen Knell
    Kristin and Peter Mendenhall
    Gloria and Roger Mullendore*
    Gail and Peter Ochs°
    Betty and Richard Oxford*
    Joan and Jeffrey Palmer*
    James Parks°
    Kathleen Peck*
    Pasty and William Pinney+*
    Mary and Anthony Podell
    Margaret Schubert*
    Joey Shimoda
  • Eric Sigg
    Gloria and Ed Smith*
    Steve Stern
    Michael Weber
  • Nancy and Randall Wise*
    DeRu’s Fine Arts
    Flaunt Magazine
    Heritage Auctioneers & Galleries, Inc.
    Insync Media
    John and Beverly Stauffer Foundation
    Kaiser Permanente
    Lorser Feitelson & Helen Lundeberg Foundation
    MacTon Foundation
    Richard Bunkall Trust
    Richard J. Massey Foundation for the Arts and Sciences
    Santa Fe Art Foundation and Gerald & Kathleen Peters Family Fund
    Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
    Society for the Advancement of Plein Air Painting
    Taylor Family Trust
    Trotter Galleries: Paula and Terry Trotter
    Virginia Steele Scott Foundation
    Washington Mutual


    1. Robert Kohorst and Shelley A. AllenSusan and Allan Asselstine
      Rhona Bader
      Brittany Bagley
      Eugene and Liz Baldridge
      James and Caroline Berliner
      Gail Bernstein*
      Cheryl Bode
      Bill and Claire Bogaard
      Jackie and Arthur Burdorf
      Carole Buss
      Faith and Jeff Butler
      Barbara Barrett-Byrne and George Byrne
      Susan and John Caldwell
      Edward Cella
      Catherine Cheney and Barry Jones
      Chris Coleman
      Lynn and Carl Cooper
      Mary and Bob Culpepper
      Julia and Jim Davidson
      Lucy and Ronald Davis
      Susan Davis
      Erica and Vin Di Bona
      Bram and Sandra Dijkstra°
      John and Patricia Dilks
      Diane Dixon and E. Gene Crain
      Diane Dodds
      Susan and Robert Ehrlich°
      Jakie and Ted Engs
      Greg Escalante
      Johnson Fain
      Michael Feddersen°
      Judith and Jerrold Felsenthal°
      Gary Flam and Nadine Weiss Flam
      Judith Friend
      Joseph Futtner and Heidi Hart
      Anita and Tony Garnier
      Edie and Bob Gartland
      Roger Genser
      William C. Georges°
    2. Thomas and Jane Glover°
      Nadine and Robert Hall
      Karyl Hansen and David Larson
    3. Kathleen and Steve High
      Kenneth and Fredyln Hill
      Sonja Hoel
      Harold Huttas
      Debi Jacobson
      Long Gone John
      Julia Bailey Johnson
      Steve Jones
      Kenneth M. Kaplan
      Christian Keesee
      Lawrence Kelly
      Allan and Susan Klumpp
      Marlene Konnar and John Baldeschwieler
      Tom and Jessica Korzenecki
      Pamela and Glen Knowles
      Russell and Hannah Kully*
      Debra Burchett-Lere and Mark Lere*
      Jenny and Kurt Listug
      Else and Bob Lord
    4. Stephen MacFarlane
      Joni and Steve Martino
      Lynn and Tim Mason
      Richard Massey
      Gordon T. McClelland
      Ernie Meadows
      Bob Mendoza
      Betti and Mike Mentzer
      Harold and Dorothy Meyerman
      John Charles Miller
      Robert Mirvis
      Harry Montgomery
    5. Arnold and Gretl Mulder
      Wendy Munger and Leonard Gumport
      Jolene A. Myers
      MiShell and Jay Nailor
      Ellen and Dominic Ng
      Michelle and Bob Nydam
      Jeff Olsen
      Mark Parker
      Ian M. Patrick
      Tom Polenzani
      Jane and Kris Popovich
      Bruce and Madeline Ramer
      Joan Rehnborg
      Sandroni Rey
      Debbie and Bill Richards
      Rita Roberts
      Michael Rosenfeld
      Gayle and Ed Roski°
      Ray Sahranavard
      Betty Sandford
      Lorraine and Joseph Saunders
      Jonathan and Thim Scheer
      Betty and Mel Sembler°
      Diane and Van Simmons°
      Karen Smits
      Kathleen and James Smyk
      John Solomon
      Joachim Splichal
      Amy Stephens
      George and Gretal Stephens
      Mary E. Storch
      Brandy and Ed Sweeney
      Clare and Chris Tayback
      Tom and Layne Techentin
      Geoffrey and Reba Thomas
      Fred Thompson
      Carol and Cliff Trenton°
      Sue Tsao
      Elinor and Rubin Turner
      Ray Turner
      Betsy Tyler
      Suzanne Vielmetter
      Marcel Vinh and Daniel Hansman
      Gerard Vuilleumier
      Nancy and Leslie Waite
      Pamela Warner and Edward Watson*
      Ruth Westphal°
      Reba White Williams°
      Agnes Bourne Studio
      Anderson Art Gallery
      California Art Company, LLC
      Cal-Lift, Inc.
      The Castle Press
      Center for Cultural Innovation
      Claremont Fine Arts
      Clive Wilkinson Architects
      Dandelion Foundation
      The Falkenstein Foundation
      Geltz Communications
      Green Path NPO
      Hackett Freedman Gallery
    6. Heritage Auctions°
      Jensen Communications, Inc.
      Jerry Solomon Custom Frames
      Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles
      John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects
      Jonathan Heritage Foundation
      Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine
      Katherine Norris Fine Art
      The Kvitne Family
      The Kwon Family Foundation
      Maginnis, Knechtel and McIntyre, LLP
      Marmol Radziner & Assc.
      Martin Werbelow, LLP
      Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery
      Michael Kelley / Kelley Gallery
      Michael Kohn Gallery
      Mid Valley Arts League
      Minasian & Associates
      Museum of Western Art
      National Watercolor Society
      Ostrich Farm Lofts
      Owings Dewey Fine Art
      Parsons Corporation
      Robert Lehman Foundation
      Robertson Taylor International Insurance Brokers, Inc.
      Sandy Hunter-California Art Gallery
      Shimoda Design Group
      Spanierman Gallery
      Sullivan Goss – An American Art Gallery
    7. Toby C. Moss Gallery°
      Tournament of Roses Foundation
      Typecraft, Wood & Jones
      Union Bank of California
      Vandeuren Galleries, Inc.
      Donald Head, Old Grandview Ranch
      Wells Fargo Foundation
      William Karges Fine Art
      Williams Fine Art
      Xerox Foundation
      Xiem Clay Center


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