Drive-by Shooting: April Greiman Digital Photography

These images were captured by April Greiman over the past 15 years in various parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America. Although Greiman is one of the first women to be recognized as a leader in the graphic arts world, her fine art production stands apart, reflecting her personal travels and unique worldview. Finding meaning and beauty in the smallest, most imperceptible details, Greiman presents her images on a monumental scale so that the idiosyncrasies of the digital technology combine with chance encounter to produce these striking images. The end result appears almost accidental, but actually represents a carefully constructed intervention by the artist.

This exhibition is organized by the PMCA and Merry Norris and is sponsored in part by Nash Editions, Larry Baca Technical Consulting, Premier Imaging Products, I.T. Supplies, Urban Partners, LLC, and InSync Media.