Edgar Payne: The Scenic Journey

The Pasadena Museum of California Art is pleased to present the first major showing of Edgar Payne (1883–1947) in over forty years. One of the most gifted of the historic California plein air artists, Payne utilized the brushwork and color of Impressionism, but his powerful landscape paintings departed from the genteel refinement depicted by most Impressionist painters. He imbued his works with an internal force and an active dynamism achieved through majestic, vital landscape subjects and a bravura application of pigment. The exhibition will trace his artistic development as he traveled the world, finding magnificence in diverse settings, including the southern and central California coast, the Sierra, the Swiss Alps, the harbors and waterways of France and Italy, and the desert Southwest.

This exhibition is curated by Dr. Scott Shields, with Dr. Patricia Trenton advising.