Kevin Macpherson: Reflections on a Pond

In the Impressionist tradition of capturing the changing conditions of the outdoor environment—weather, light, seasons—Kevin Macpherson painted this alpine pond, located in New Mexico, over five years, making sure to include every day of the year. The concept of this series was conceived by Macpherson as an artistic journey that would be demanding both physically and psychologically, but would ultimately give him deep insight and fresh appreciation for the natural world. Throughout the creation of these paintings he maintained several constants: each painting was executed on a 6×8 inch panel, his palette remained consistent, each painting contains realistic, identifiable elements of the scene, and the artist painted from the same location. The variations in the paintings are generally the result of the weather, season, or time of day the paintings was made. However, the events and the general course of the artist’s life over the five years are also present in the paintings.