Lars Jan: HOLOSCENES / Quaternary Suite

Lars Jan’s practice has long grappled with the biggest challenges in modern living: the changes technology produces in human relationships, the complications of religious practice and gender roles, and the violent rise in suicide bombings. In his first solo exhibition, HOLOSCENES / Quaternary Suite, Jan explores the physical effects of natural disaster and the human capacity for adaptation through video and photography. The installation includes video projections of a triptych of massive aquariums inhabited by performers acting out routine behaviors. These tanks are then filled with water while the performers attempt to continue their tasks. The videos and accompanying light installation provoke visceral reactions that communicate Jan’s environmental concern—the implications of climate change on our interactions with water—in an inventive way. Bridging the gap between climate consciousness and art, Jan capitalizes on art’s power to change public consciousness.

Lars Jan: HOLOSCENES / Quaternary Suite is organized by the Pasadena Museum of California Art and supported by its Board of Directors.