Millard Sheets: The Early Years (1926–1944)

The first cohesive survey of this remarkable period in the oeuvre of Millard Owen Sheets, this exhibition features a cross section of eighty outstanding oils, watercolors, drawings and lithographs, a number of which have not been publicly displayed since the 1930s. Millard Sheets: The Early Years (1926–1944) illustrates how Sheet’s personal style captures Southern California’s rise to prominence through the lens of the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression; as well as his powerful influence on many of the other important artists of the time.  The featured works are from the years before the end of WWII, during which Regionalist Art and American Scene Painting was in its heyday and Sheets, the West Coast leader of the movement, was arguably at his creative zenith as a painter. The exhibition features seminal works from the golden age that established Millard Sheets alongside the other premier American artists of the era, Thomas Hart Benton, Grant Wood, and Edward Hopper.