On-Ramps: Transitional Moments in California Art

The Pasadena Museum of California Art inaugurates its exhibition program with On-Ramps: Transitional Moments in California Art, an exploration of the freedom and experimentation that has defined the state’s visual arts in the past century. This historic and diverse selection of artworks—which includes painting, video, sculpture, and installation—follows the development of California art through four periods: Impressionism to Post-Impressionism, Post-Surrealism, Hard Edge Abstraction to Finish Fetish, and Bay Area Conceptualism. Curated by Nancy Moure, Michael Duncan, Peter Frank, and Thomas Solomon, respectively, these sections offer concise explorations of individual moments in the state’s art history while at the same time working together to create a visual conversation across the boundaries of time and artistic category. On-Ramps marks two points of entry: a fresh consideration of the varied achievements of California’s artists and the emergence of the PMCA onto the state’s cultural landscape.