Richard Bunkall: A Portrait

Richard Bunkall: A Portrait surveys the paintings, drawings, and sculptures of the Pasadena-based artist known for his distinctive style. The survey examines several of the periods through which the artist passed in his twenty-five year career before dying at 45 of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) in 1999. Bunkall trained his rich, muted palette and painterly approach on a broad and inventive consideration of the urban environment, one that creates its own compelling reality and draws the viewer into mysterious interiors and lofty exteriors in which improbable things are seen in improbable situations. Bunkall captured a quality found at the heart of most American metropoli, the adventure and mystery, more exhilarating than alienating, of the “urban canyon.” Richard Bunkall: A Portrait looks at the many ways Bunkall conveyed adventure and described mystery through his artistic vision.