Ambassador Circle

The Ambassador Circle is a newly-formed, exclusive group of art supporters and community advocates committed to the PMCA’s mission.

Ambassador Circle members are leaders in the PMCA community who engage with other individuals who have a special interest in championing California art. As a member, Ambassadors enjoy a carefully-curated calendar of exclusive social and educational events throughout the year, including special tours of both PMCA and other Southern California museum exhibitions, as well as private architectural tours, lectures, receptions, and studio visits, among others.

For more information, please contact:
Mark Stenroos, Director of Development
(626) 568-3665 x17 or mstenroos[at]pmcaonline[dot]org



  • Carrie Adrian
  • Ann and Olin Barrett
  • Charles and Lisa Battaglia
  • Jay Belloli
  • Gail Bernstein
  • Simon K. Chiu
  • Francine and Herbert Cooper
  • Susan and Jim Crawford
  • Jeff Dutra
  • Brenda and Bill Galloway
  • Julie Gutierrez
  • Christine and Reed Halladay
  • Beverly and Chris Jones
  • Hannah and Russel Kully
  • Gina and Richard Knox
  • Joyce and Tom Leddy
  • Debra Burchett-Lere and Mark Lere
  • Jay Lusche
  • Lois and Chris Madison
  • Mark Goldstein and Pamela Marx
  • Jeff and Maranda Moran
  • Gloria and Roger Mullendore
  • Jen Olson
  • Arlene and Bob Oltman
  • Betty and Dick Oxford
  • Jeffrey and Joan Palmer
  • Catherine Partridge
  • Kathleen Peck
  • Patsy and William Pinney
  • Marie and Peter Richman
  • Margaret M. Schubert
  • Gloria and Ed Smith
  • Robin and Ben Stafford
  • Pam Warner-Watson and Ed Watson
  • Brooke Abercrombie and Christopher Wilson
  • Elizabeth Staggs-Wilson and Andrew Wilson
  • Randall and Nancy Wise