Director’s Welcome

Now more than ever, we find the world we live in divided by extreme
forces, contrasting and even conflicting. In our new season’s three
exhibitions, artwork and artists not only grapple with these
divergences, but more importantly, oer us a glimpse into their own
pathways through them. Not solutions and not choices, but more
like a transcendence in the form of spirituality, memory, and the
sublime that demands participation rather than escape.

The artist Eduardo Carrillo, born in Santa Monica of Mexican
heritage, spent his life between Baja California, Mexico, and
California, USA before his untimely death in Mexico. The
metaphysical quality of his still-lifes and landscapes oer viewers
an uneasy tension between heaven and earth, as seen through his
exquisite mastery of light.

The five California-based female artists in The Feminine Sublime
(Estes, Gellis, Katz, Mallinson, and Thibeault) confront topics of
nature, beauty, and power that range from the peaceful to the
overpowering. Their work provides a feminine alternate to the
traditional male-centered gaze from the Age of Enlightenment,
as well as an urban context for the modern sublime narrative.

Ana Serrano, also a Mexican American artist, addresses her
bicultural heritage more as a rural versus urban issue. By creating
her own built environment that embraces the natural world, she
reveals both the tenderness and harshness of her native Los
Angeles. Walk into her constructed installation, imagine your
personal memories, and create your own piece of nature.

This is the power and the beauty of art: to help us imagine new
possibilities and to provide a space for contemplation and
conversation. It is fitting that International Slow Art Day occurs
during this exhibition season on April 14. I sincerely hope that you
join us for this special event to slow down and look closely, and
also for many other days. Whenever you feel the need to refresh, to
take a deep breath, and to discover new ways to see the world, the
PMCA is here for you.

Susana Smith Bautista, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Susana Smith Bautista, Ph.D.
Executive Director