Best Museum in Houston 2020


Being the largest city in Texas, Houston is a city that has a lot to offer in each and every sense of that word. Being rich in history and modern culture, Houston has a lot to offer in terms of museums, as well. If you are a history lover, then you can visit some of the museums that are related to and have exhibitions about the Civil War or are related to science. Also, there are museums related to contemporary art and culture. So, what are the best museums in Houston a person should visit?

1. Menil Collection


It needs to be mentioned that this museum is not only one of the best in Houston, but it is also considered to be one of the best museums in the USA. The reason for this is one of the best private collection not only in Texas and the USA but also in the world. The works of the most famous artists have displayed here as well as some pieces of art from the Medieval Ages and ancient history. It needs to be added that the entire museum was created by John de Menil and Dominique Schlumberger de Menil. These people were not born in Houston, they came to Houston after World War II ended. They became the biggest collectors in Texas and the USA. The entire museum is located in a very tranquil and nice atmosphere.

2. Natural Museum of Funeral History


Believe it or not, there is a museum in Houston that actually collects various funeral relics from the USA and all over the world. It also needs to be added that this is the biggest museum of this kind in the USA. So, this is a place where people can see different funeral customs and traditions and where they can also see various coffins and caskets that were used for funerals and burials. There are also various gifts that can also be bought there.

3. San Jacinto Battleground


The entire museum here is located in one of the biggest towers and there are also numerous exhibitions here related to the history of Texas and the USA. The tower is called the Jesse H. Jones Theatre for Texas Studies and people find the view from it captivating and fascinating. When you are done with this, you would have the opportunity to visit the battlefield of San Jacinto. When you come to the museum for the first time, the first thing you would see is the doors that have been decorated by bronze. And, this is not all, there are also Texas flags there, six of them.

4. Houston Museum of Natural Science


It should be also added that this is one of the rear natural science museums that also has a theater included with it, and the theater is called IMAX. Apart from this, the theater also has numerous exhibits and there is also a magnificent planetarium that can be used by the visitors. It should be also added that this is one of the top ten most popular museums in the USA. The programs for children are amazing, and there are tours where children can learn not only about dinosaurs but about flora and fauna that is present on Earth today.

5. Holocaust Museum Houston


This museum offers a unique and truthful experience of the Holocaust that happened during the Second World War. This is a place where you can find actual documents from this terrible war, and there are even photographs and short films that were made during that time, including the ones made either by the Allied or Axis forces. To make the experience more realistic, there are also railcars that were used for the transportation of Jews and other people who were sent to concentration camps. Moreover, there are the experiences and stories of people who survived the Holocaust and told the world the atrocities that were happening at that time.

6. Health Museum


The most popular exhibit here is the exhibit called You: The Exhibit. This is a perfect opportunity to analyze your body by simply entering data. There is even the opportunity to use the holographic depiction of one’s own internal organs and their condition.


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