The Best 12 AC Brands In India 2024

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As the summers in India brings the unbearable heat and irritable humid conditions, air conditioners become quite essential for every house. This year the heat hits 47 degrees, and when the shocking heatwave is about to come in front of your door, the air-conditioners are the only way to make the indoor air quality and atmosphere far better.
After a cold winter, heat erupts in March, and the time of servicing and buying of air conditioners comes up, to sustain daily stress and get a restful sleep at night. However, such benefit comes with a price, so it’s necessary to consider various factors regarding air conditioners, like the style of refrigerants, cooling capability supported the space size, kinds of filters used, etc. Having many choices within the market, one would wholly get confused in each issue, as most firms provide similar choices with variable costs. At the same time, every maker has something specific and improved to offer.
An air conditioner is not a piece of standard equipment, and it’s not being bought every year, so it’s important to compare the credibility of brands, their features, and warranty and after-sales services before you order for installation in your home or office.
Polls show that most of the Indian users are making a choice by brand, not by the device itself. About 70% of Indians trust the brand value, and it’s more important to them than the product. However, around 30% of consumers will likely look for a combination of hardware technology, no matter of brand.
The most reliable and trusted AC brands in India are Hitachi, Voltas, Samsung, Daikin, LG, Whirlpool, Videocon, and Blue Star. Their products are recognized for superior quality at competitive rates, and most of the ACs made by these companies are known for advanced EER, quick cooling, noiseless functioning and great service life of compressor and condenser.

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Big brands constantly improve the quality of their products, to gain market trust, and this competition directly makes a benefit to consumers. Their rivalry additionally scales down the AC price, allowing the abridge family to obtain a reasonable-priced and high-quality AC.
It is known that using the air conditioner results with high consumption electricity, and, logically, most of the people would like to reduce it. Less energy consumption with high cooling should be a matter of attention. For those reasons, it`s better to purchase inverter air condition, than classic off/on the device. Inverter AC has a bigger price, but reduced power consumption, up to 40%, longer product life, and lower maintenance and repair costs. In the long run, the price difference pays off in 2-3 years through fewer electricity bills.
Brands have their positives and negatives. The main criteria by which you can make the right choice of the device at purchase can include the reputation of the manufacturer, the level of product reliability, technical parameters of the plant, application of innovative air treatment technologies, availability of additional features, or economical consumption of electricity costс. Make a comparison and purchase the best one for you,  that fits your needs and wallet.
As in the automotive industry, the climate market has its leading companies that have gained a good reputation over the years. Premium class conditioner brands represent top products, guaranteeing their high quality and durability. Such devices are distinguished by innovative schemes, comfort in use and economy.
Air conditioners in the mid-range have high levels of operational reliability, while the lower price at the same time, than those of the premium class. The difference in class is the use of multiple protection systems and a shorter life span. The third group is low-cost segment air conditioners with simple configuration, and they can be a great choice for those with limited financial resources.

1. Hitachi

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Established in 1910. Hitachi has developed in one of the biggest air conditioner manufacturing brand in Asia. With the variety of air conditioning range, Hitachi offers high performance and durable AC. If you are looking for a premium AC company with the offer of smart, powerful and long-running AC machine, and you can afford a high price, Hitachi can be your choice. This company built its appliances using the latest technology which provides comfortable and most energy-efficient air conditioners.

2. Daikin

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Daikin is also a Japanese multinational company, with one of the leading places in market share in India (11%) Daikin offers one of the best split air conditioning, with the budget-friendly devices with optimal cooling and excellent after-sale support.

3. Lloyd

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Lloyd is a national brand of refrigerators, TV`s, washing machines and air conditioners, and one of India’s most electrical equipment trusted brands, with a big market share of 11%, same as Daikin. Lloyd split and window air conditioners are simplified in functionality, but with modern technology. Lloyd offers various types of AC models that can fulfill every requirement. Lloyd units can add luxury and comfort to your home or workplace at very moderate prices.

4.  Sansui

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Air conditioners of this Japan multinational company are acknowledged to be probably the most beloved model in India, recognized for nice after-sales service and new age know-how. Sansui prides itself for its groundbreaking applied sciences and it’s the No.1 model in buyer satisfaction within the nation. It’s

5. Blue Star

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Global Blue Star company, based in North America, Europe, Great Britain, and India is one of the leading air conditioning companies with superb technology. Blue Star offers a split AC unit, carefully designed for warm Indian climate, with high-performance cooling and low electricity bills, with good after-sale support. Technologies like exactness cooling, twin rotary, climate management, and brushless motor improve the product quality, that allows the company to extend sale in previous couple of years, and build the 12% of market share.

6. Voltas

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Voltas Ltd. is an Indian company with the largest AC market share of home air conditioning now. It dominates the market with 23% because they exactly know what Indian consumers are looking for in an AC.  Voltas offers wide ranges of devices, from low to high budget, with highly ISEER rated value, ad with the largest number of service centers in the country. As in 2015. Volta is the number one most trusted AC brand in India this year.

7. LG

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South Korean LG Electronics company offers a wide range of air-conditioners. LG is a very popular brand name in India, the third most popular brand after Samsung and Nestle. Due to this huge popularity, LG is the second largest air conditioning distribution company in India (as of 2018), and one of the most trusted brands. LG evolved new technologies designed to enhance product sturdiness and maximize potency, and offers middle to high vary of ACs with excellent cooling and savings. Their service centers are placed in all main cities across the country.

8. Carrier

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Carrier is an American company which produced first air conditioner in the world, and currently one of the global leaders in this industry. Carrier offers premium Hybrid-jet air conditioners ranges (means the fastest cooling) their AC consumes less power than any other AC manufacturer, with a significantly longer life than 60% of the other brands. Carries Midea is very likely to grow in the Indian market as it does produce world-class AC products.

9. Godrej

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Godrej Group operates in diverse sectors. Inverter Air conditioner from Godrej is designed with technology that offers powerful cooling and saves power. Godrej presents eco-friendly air conditioners that eat much less electrical energy. It has plenty of superb options like air swing, Blow/Auto clear perform, Timer, reminiscence perform and so on in numerous fashions.

10. Samsung

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South Korean corporation is spreading its presence in India further every day. Appliances of this brand associate user on quality and utility, but the sale of Samsung air conditioner is not too huge in the Indian market. In recent years Samsung has made many innovative changes in its technology, to make its units more attractive to the customers, and Samsung ACs now are recognized for their features and the level of amenity they offer.

11. Whirlpool


Whirlpool is a manufacturer of home appliances from the USA, and this brand is present in India form 1987. Now it is one of the most liked brands, with the air conditioners with turbo cooling technology, which are capable to deliver high performances. It’s priced generally more expensive from the competitors’ and if you can afford a high priced brand name that offers a fresh modern looking AC that matches your home interior, this is a good choice.

12. O General

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O General air conditioners is an Indian brand, but in fact, it is a joint venture of ETA-Ascon and Fujitsu General. Their air conditioners are known as powerful products, which are ready to satisfy customer needs. They are one of the most efficient air conditioners in the world, and the company is awarded 5 stars for energy-saving models by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency.
These devices have plenty of energy-saving features, and within less than twenty years, this brand has presented a world-class split and window air conditioners.