Can You Stabilize Shaky Videos for Free?


Stabilizing your shaky videos for free is no more a dream. A special thanks and huge credit goes to the advent of AI technology that made everything possible.

If you’re looking for a great video editor for YouTube for video stabilization, an online video stabilizer is the best! Now, the question arises, Which video stabilizer to use to stabilize your shaky videos for free? Let’s read this article to get the answer!

The Best AI Video Stabilization for Free

For an ordinary person, it is hard to decide which AI video stabilization to use to fix the video footage. To help you out, here are the most practical and real-life suggestions! So, always look up an online video stabilization tool instead of buying a manual one. The manual editor usually requires some sort of fee and costs you more money than the others. In contrast, online video stabilizers are easiest to use due to AI technology and most of them are free as well.

For example, one of the most popular and widely used AI video stabilizers is CapCut’s AI video stabilizer. You must be thinking why it is the best one among so many other available options. So here are the reasons why this video stabilization tool is everyone’s top pick!

Reasons Why It’s A Top Pick!


The following reasons clearly explain why everyone loves using this incredible AI video stabilizer.

Free to Use

The first and most compelling reason to use this tool is that it is free to use. You don’t need to make any transactions to access its premium features as they are all free.

Available Online

Another core reason for using this is that this is an online tool. It means that you can access it anytime at any place without any difficulties. You don’t need to carry a specific device where this is installed to use it. Being online makes it instantly approachable for everyone at all times.

No Age Limits or Other Restrictions

Unlike many other video editors, this amazing editor doesn’t have any age limits to allow using it. Along with age, it also doesn’t impose any other restrictions for using it.

Precise and Perfect Results


Its gyroscopic AI-based algorithms generate the most precise and perfect stabilization results. The resulting videos look as if they didn’t contain any shaky movements or any other defects or distortions.

Fastest One-Click Technology

It also benefits you through its fastest and one-click technology. You can use this AI video stabilization to stabilize a number of videos within the shortest time frame. It will yield the quickest results through its one-click AI technology.

Dramatically Fix All Shakiness

All shaky movements go away from your videos with the help of this incredible stabilizer. It specifically works on these defects to result in stable and smooth footage.

Magically Removes All Blurs and Distortions

Besides shakiness, it also removes all blurs and distortions from the videos. As a result, it provides videos with better visuals, smoothness, clarity, and uplifting quality.

Fine-tune the Video Frame

Finally, it also fine-tunes the video frame buffer to switch the focus from unnecessary objects to the main subject.

How to Stabilize Shaky Videos for Free?

If you want to stabilize your shaky videos without investing any money or without paying any premium fee, stay here! It’s a simple guide where you will learn to transform your shaky and distorted videos into smooth and clearer ones. With the help of an AI video stabilization tool, you can do it through the following quick steps!

Step 1 ─ Sign Up and Sign in

Go to the online editor and click on “Signup for Free”. Here, you can sign up for this premium tool without entering your credit card or bank account details. Just add your basic information and click on signup. It will ask you to verify your account. Check your registered email for verification details and follow the instructions. Within less than a minute, your account will be created and you can log in to access the video stabilization.

Step 2 ─ Upload

From the main homepage, go to magic tools and select video stabilization. The video stabilization workspace will open in front of you. Close the preview video and hit the upload button to upload any video to this workspace. You can also use other upload options such as Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Drag-and-drop features and sample videos are also available if you want to use them first.

Step 3 ─ See the Changes

After uploading the video, it’s time to see the changes made. You don’t need to perform any other actions manually as this AI tool does everything itself. All you need is to preview the video to see if you like the changes.

Step 4 ─ Download your Video

When you are happy with the stabilization results, download your video by hitting the export button at the top-right bar. As this is a free tool, you can upscale multiple videos from your device storage using the same steps. Fix your distorted and blurred shaky videos within seconds and cherish yourself through the results.



It’s time to say hello to the most emerging AI video stabilization to fix your poor shaky videos. For this purpose, there is nothing better than an online and free video stabilization tool that is AI-based. Follow the above guide to learn how to use this tool to generate artistic masterpieces from your rough videos.