How To Choose The Right Commercial Excavating Contractor


Have a project in mind that requires some proper & time-consuming work? Oftentimes we try to DIY some work on our own, but the thing is that harder tasks should be left to professionals & excavating contractors that have been in the business for years. If you are trying to find the right & best commercial excavating contractor for yourself keep on reading since we have a list of what you need to do and what to avoid.

How to choose the right commercial excavating contractor – Top 6 important steps


1. Compare the services

Some excavation companies may specialize in a particular type of work, while others could have everything covered & at your disposal right off the bat. Make sure that you find those who offer & specialize in the work & tasks that you need, and don’t book someone that can’t meet your criteria. Also, go for someone who has the right level of knowledge & experience.

2. Ask for their portfolio

Once you’ve identified a few excavation companies that meet your standards & criteria, look at their past work or ask for their portfolio. They can send you this via mail. You could also find their projects & before and after pictures on their webpage or social media. Browse through their photos or videos to see what they’re capable of doing. This process can be time-consuming, but the end result and what you’re going to gain from it is more than worth it.

3. Ask for references & read reviews

You can ask your friends & family for a bit of help and guidance, especially if this is something that they’ve been handling before and in the past. Overall, you should look for testimonials from former clients and references. Nowadays everything is just one click away, which means that you can easily find the right review that will answer your questions or confirm/deny your thoughts or suspicion that you have had about this company.

4. Check their license


Did you know that there are loads of different licenses & options that one can own? In most cases, a specialized R.B.Q. license is required for a company to carry out all the work. Someone who has a license is a lot more reliable & a safer choice. They can also ensure that you have a proper contract + if anything goes south you won’t be responsible for their mistakes. This written contract will set out all the terms and conditions beforehand while outlining the type of work from start to finish. The company will also list out their materials & gear beforehand, which means that there will be no hidden expenses later on.

5. Check out their equipment

Speaking of gear & equipment, some excavation companies are equipped for bigger jobs, while others that are smaller will only work with the most common tools & with specific surroundings. For example, a smaller excavator is usually chosen for sewer repairs. Bigger & more serious companies can be equipped for something more complex that requires the use of large excavators and maybe even a hydraulic hammer. This is why you need to find someone who meets your criteria.

6. Compare the quotes

Different excavation companies will have different quotes & services to offer. This will all depend on the project, the equipment that needs to be used, as well as the distance from the place and back to their company. If your budget is tight and you don’t have a lot of options make sure that you do the process of elimination. Beware of companies that bid super low since they might offer low-quality or poorly used materials.

How to choose the right commercial excavating contractor – What not to do


1. Don’t treat the proposals the same

Every company is a story for itself and they are unique in one way or another. This is why you should look closely at each one to distinguish the differences. For example, some projects & companies offer fixed prices, no matter the size of the property. Others will have an hourly rate or an hourly quote. Don’t rush with your decision.

2. Do not go for the lowest price

Sure, a lot of us try to save money, and project cost is obviously an important factor that plays a huge role. You should never stick to someone who has low prices but consider going for someone who can bring quality & proper materials within your preferred time frame. Sometimes staying just in the middle might seem like the best solution.

3. Don’t ignore their safety measures


Always ask the prospective builder about their safety record & if they have had any accidents while being out on the road. You wouldn’t want to book someone who is clumsy, right? Safety should be a primary concern for both parties. Here are some questions that you should consider going for:

  • Ask them for documentation
  • Ask to see references
  • Questions about their injury prevention guidelines
  • Insurance coverage options

4. Don’t forget to recognize their experience

Experience is a key factor when choosing a commercial construction, and it can come in handy with any type of task. It is always a good idea to go for someone who has been in this field and this business for more than five years. Experienced firms will know how to deal with issues in the quickest and most cost-effective way + they will not mislead you, leaving you with safe & proper options.

Want to find the best company?

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