Does Penis Size Really Matter?

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Just think about how many times you’ve heard that size doesn’t matter when referring to the male reproductive organ. Certainly, this is a topic that hasn’t been fully disclosed, and these questions will probably never stop. We can see that there are a lot of men whose self-confidence heavily depends on this question. While this is not something that should be considered unimportant, we believe that it is not as important as it currently is.

But it doesn’t matter what we think right? Only women can give us an answer to this question. When it comes to their opinion, one of the best-known studies done shows that around 84% of participators stated that they are just fine with what their partners have. So, the immediate conclusion is that males are those who are seeking an answer to this question, even when they got it. Many say that this question is important only to the males and that women don’t pay too much attention to it.

However, this is something that we will never know for certain. Surely, our history is full of depictions of masculine men, with large reproductive organs, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that so many males are obsessed with it. Is it just an appearance? Do women consider it important? Well, we will try to provide you with a proper answer. Let’s see what we’ve been able to gather on this topic.

Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better

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Different from what you have heard on media or in the locker room, it needs to be said that size isn’t everything in this matter. What many people don’t know is that large penises are often associated with a higher risk of infection or injuries. In some cases, it can be pretty painful for women. So, you can see that, at least in terms of function and desirability the size doesn’t matter. However, it needs to be said that for some type of orgasms and some women size is important. It depends on the preferences and what you are looking for.

Smaller Is Not Necessarily Bad

We can see that many women think that a smaller male reproductive organ is better. We are fully aware of how this sounds, but it is true. The reason being that smaller one is easier to handle. Many women are uncomfortable with larger penises. We’ve already stated that bigger ones are associated with a high risk of injury. Some women would argue that the position is way more important than the size. So, you can see that a smaller one is not necessarily bad.

What Does the Science Say?

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Recently, we’ve come across a study that proves that women with frequent vaginal orgasms tend to say that, for them, reaching climax with men with bigger penises comes easier. The same can be said about women who prefer penile-vaginal intercourse more than any other type of sex. So, the size of the reproductive organ is cannot be described only as a masculine stereotype. The truth is that many people consider the size important. But, as we’ve said, it all comes to personal preference.

We can draw a parallel between this question and a wide array of other factors that make men anxious when they enter the mating market. We are talking about their intelligence, sense of humor, personality traits, social status, etc. All these factors are crucial for a man to receive the favor of a certain woman. While it can be said that we completely understand that these can make men anxious, it needs to be said that this is a natural order of things and there is no way around it.

Is It as Important as They Say?

Generally speaking, the size of a male reproductive organ is not a crucial factor in a man’s ability to satisfy a woman. Instead, the other two factors are way more important. We are talking about the g-spot and the clitoris. Different from many myths about these two, we can see that they are easily aroused. Once again, it all depends on the women’s preference. For example, for those women who are g-spot oriented, even the smallest of penises can provide pleasure.

In case you lack confidence because of a smaller penis, it needs to be said that there’s a way around it. Thankfully, there are sex toys that can provide the necessary help to the male. We are talking about items like rubber sleeves or rings. Without a doubt, they can help by providing a sense of fullness and additional stimulation to the woman.

Is an Enlargement an Option?

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Now that we’ve reached an understanding that this is a pretty sensitive topic for many men, we would like to talk about possibilities for enlargement. We can see that there are a lot of different therapies that can provide men with the size they want. However, it needs to be said that some of these methods are more effective than others. Therefore, it requires a certain level of research before you can make a proper decision.

It’s needless to say that any men who are interested in enlarging their reproductive organs need to have a complete understanding of what it means. In case you would like to learn more about it, be sure to take a look at Dr.Elist. When it comes to talking about whether should you do it, it needs to be said that it depends on what the person wants. Furthermore, they need to understand the whole concept.

The Verdict

A couple of times throughout the article we’ve pointed out that opinion about this question heavily depends on the preference of a woman. But this is just one side of the coin. We are talking about a subject that many men consider important for their self-confidence.
So, it is really important to address it. Giving a definite answer to this question is impossible. We are going to leave it up to the women to decide. When it comes to males, those who consider it important for their self-esteem can come across some solutions. One of them is certainly enlargement.