Best Employee Monitoring Software for Your Remote Team in 2024

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Business owners in today’s world do not know how lucky they are. The development of advanced technology has made all the business processes easier. Unfortunately, not all business owners are aware of the benefits they can bring to their lives. That is the reason why they do not succeed to achieve their goals.

Social media networks are not the only tool you can use. Of course, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are perfect places for advertising. For an affordable amount of money, you will manage to reach your target audience. However, that method will not boost the effectiveness of your company. Even if everything functions fine, you need to find a way to be even better.

Remote work, on the other hand, is becoming more and more popular in today’s world. Some people will say that the current situation is the reason why many people work from home. However, remote jobs and companies exist for a couple of years. They bring many benefits to the lives of both, employers and employees.

Employees feel more freedom to determine their working hours because that motivates them to work even harder. On the other hand, employers will save a lot of money in that way. Yet, that won’t happen if they don’t find the best way to control all the operations. That is the reason why you should pick the best employee monitoring software for your remote team. Fortunately for you, you can to the right place to find a couple of them that deserve your attention. Let’s find them out together.

Work Examiner

There are many reasons why Work Examiner deserves to grab your attention. It is a program that comes with a time tracking system that will help you boost the productivity of your employees. All of your workers will get the chance to check their productive hours. In that way, they will know which mistakes they make and how to fix them.
Despite that, transparency is another reason why people decide on using the tool. It is not a secret that you will sometimes have to punish your staff when they are not investing enough effort to complete the job.

Yet, doing that usually makes additional problems later. At least, you can be sure your employee is going to be demotivated to continue working more. Because of that, it is always better to make a transparent organization where everyone can see how much and how productive they working during working hours. When these data are transparent, every employer will know on his own what to do to boost his effectiveness. Punishing the team member is going to be unnecessary in that case.

Using this tool is easy, and you won’t have to be a genius to realize how to do that. If Work Examiner seems like a good option for you, we recommend you check here and get familiar with all of its features.


Toggle is an especially valuable option for small business owners. Believe it or not, it has the capacity to track the time on more than 100 tools. Despite that, the program comes with some advanced reporting features. These reports will give you precise insights into the time your employees spent working. You will manage to get the report in different forms such as PDF, CSV, and XLS.

There are a couple of additional pros of the tool we would like to talk about. Before everything, it is simple and comes with a simple user interface. Despite that, you don’t have to worry when certain issues happen. The customer support is great, and it will solve your problem promptly.

Yet, there is one disadvantage of the tool we will have to dislike. Of course, you can use the tool for free. However, the freemium version does not offer many services. More precisely, we can say they are a bit limited. Because of that, to use the program to the fullest, you will have to subscribe to the advanced version.


There a few specific things we will have to say about RescueTime. Before everything, it is not a usual time tracking tool that you can find online. We can describe it as a productivity platform that usually runs in the background of the employee’s device.
However, that doesn’t mean it does not deserve your attention. The tool tracks everything you do. For instance, it will show how many hours you spent on a particular website. Despite that, the software allows the user to block certain websites that may distract him from reaching his goal. That is especially valuable for people that are addicted to social media.

Besides everything, the tool allows the users to set up their goals. The software tracks your productivity and notifies you whenever you spend too much time on a particular task.

Still, we do not want to say everything around this tool is perfect. Every user will have to ensure a strong WI-Fi connection. That means the tool does not work when you are offline. Despite that, you can’t track a particular task or project. You can only track the time you spend on a tool or website. We know that feature is going to be suitable for many people. However, those that do not have that type of job will look for some other option.


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You will probably not find a tool that has a more simple name. If you are looking for a simple time tracking software, this option is going to be good. The software tracks how much time you spend on each task. Despite that, you will get notifications if the program stops working for some reason. In that way, you will ensure your safety. Finally, flexibility is the last feature we will have to highlight about this tool. For instance, if you use a Mac device for work, you can check the working hours on your Apple mobile device. Unfortunately, that is also the biggest disadvantage of the software. You won’t manage to use it on Windows and Android devices. We hope something like that is going to change in the future.