Do Financial Advisors Recommend Cryptocurrency for Investing


Money makes the world go round, and this is a fact and not just a saying, and luckily today, it seems like there are so many ways to make a big buck and fast. Of course, in order to actually get to this point, you need to invest in something, and there isn’t a better market to do so than the crypto market.

Yes, there are still many speculations and false info regarding digital assets, but things are changing for the better. Of course, since most people trust their financial advisers and because they have such a big role in our decision-making, let’s go through facts on what experts in this field really have to say.

How risky is it?


Okay, we cannot say that investing in crypto doesn’t come with a certain risk, but overall, considering all the facts, this market doesn’t differ that much from the others. Namely, real estate and the stock market have for quite some time been dominant in terms of investment and the number of people willing to talk about it, but in the past couple of years, cryptocurrencies have emerged as the next best thing.

Of course, this doesn’t mean how one should immediately invest in some crypto, but just the fact that more and more people are considering investing in crypto speaks a lot about the potential and overall impact of virtual coins.

On the other hand, this wasn’t something to be expected in the past. Cryptos have been looked upon as a bubble that is going to burst anytime soon. Luckily, due to much research and time spent educating people about, for starters, what blockchain tech is and how cryptos work, much more people are thinking about investing in it.

Yes, so many things have changed since then, as today, there are thousands of coins to invest in, and in order to really make huge profits and fast, one needs to do thorough research.

Understandably, this also speaks volumes about how potent this market is, as no other market can compete with it in terms of fast and big profits. Risk is something that simply goes with any type and amount of investment, and things are no different here, but due to high volatility, that risk is a bit higher with cryptos, and understandably, the potential profits are higher as well.

Of course, this is just if you don’t know how to find a “loophole,” or to be more precise, a trading software like that will do all the work for you.

NFTs as the next big thing


In the beginning, blockchain tech was strictly connected to cryptocurrencies and, to be more precise, BTC, but everything changed in 2014. Namely, when it became clear that the potential of blockchain technology is vast, many industries implemented it, and today, there isn’t an industry that isn’t at least considering using it.

Of course, the potential of this tech opens many doors, which is why NFTs are taking over as the next big thing because everything about these tokens is anonymous and extremely well protected. It means that it is something you can own, and no one could know about it.

Everything is recorded in the blockchain network, and only you, as the owner, can transfer it, which has created a whole new independent market. Because of all this, there is yet to be a global hype over NFTs, but this is yet another reason financial advisers will surely recommend investing in cryptos, as the fact that this tech is so valuable cannot pass unseen.

Why are people still hesitant to invest in it?


There are a number of reasons why people still hesitate to place their money in virtual coins, but the biggest reason is that their advisors are shy to recommend it. Yes, this is where most problems originate, as financial advisors will, in most situations, go with some other option rather than advising you to invest in cryptos, even if it is a well-known one like BTC.

Regarding other reasons, the fact that these coins aren’t regulated, or aren’t regulated in the same way in most countries, also impacts their decision and advice. But, understandably, this depends on where you live and the situation in that country.

Trading platforms might be the problem on its own, as not every platform is available in every country, meaning that just because you live somewhere, you might not have the chance to trade cryptos at all.

Of course, there are situations where financial advisors highly recommend placing money in coins as they are the next big thing, even though more than a decade has passed since the first mention of virtual coins. Overall, the country you live in plays a huge role in this type of decision-making, so before taking any action, make sure to check the law and regulations regarding virtual money.

The future looks bright for cryptocurrencies


When we take a look at how countries and governments are looking at any form of digital money and how big they talk about it, it’s pretty clear that things are only going to change for the better. Of course, much of this is related to recent posts and announcements on what policies governments will introduce regarding cryptos, which says a lot about how cryptos have revolutionized our financial system.

Another reason financial advisers speak highly about coins is that many global giants have already invested in a number of them, and we all know how willing they are to make any kind of risky move, especially when it is about something new. Just remember how one tweet from Elon Musk shooked the crypto market and the value of BTC, and this is just the beginning.

On the other hand, this also says a lot about how volatile this market is, but just like with any other type of investment, you should look at it as a chance to make big bucks and not something that might be risky. It all depends on the view and how people perceive these coins, and once again, things are changing for the better.