How to Know What Size Halloween Costume to Get Your Dog?


Halloween is almost upon us, around the corner, and we are all excited about it. We can’t wait to see how children will trick-or-treat around the neighborhood, with their tiny, cute, and a little scary costumes. Also, do you know who is cuter than children wearing costumes? Dogs and puppies!

Some dogs might enjoy dressing up, while others feel completely uncomfortable. That’s why it’s important to choose something appropriate for their age and size. Also, if you see that your pet is getting too uncomfortable, don’t try to make them wear the costume. They are cute anyway, and don’t need clothing to trick-or-treat around.

But, if your dog is fine with wearing costumes, then you may have plenty of questions to ask, especially if you are doing this for a first time.

What should you look for in choosing a costume? How much should you spend? Is there such thing as too big or too small?

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Dogs come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. For example, some dogs are larger than others, and they also vary in their coat color. There are several things to consider before buying a costume:

Is your dog comfortable wearing any costume?


Many pet owners want their dogs to match the rest of the family at homecoming season, including Halloween festive time. Dressing your dog up for Halloween requires some creativity and understanding of your pet’s body shape.

As much fun as celebrating Halloween is, dogs should never be forced into wearing outfits they don’t want. Instead, look for ones that are practical for everyday wear, plus some features that appeal to them.

This also means it’s completely fine to give up on the idea for dog costume, if the pet doesn’t want it.

Measure your dog’s body parts

If your dog loves clothes, then we have some more things to do. Measuring is the first one, since dogs aren’t patient to try many costumes.

So take the measure tape, take measurements of your dog’s height, weight, chest girth, neck circumference, hip width, thigh length, and head circumference. You can find these measurements online or at pet stores.

These numbers will help you determine if you need to buy a larger or smaller costume than you originally thought. Also note any unique features about your dog’s body shape, including their build (e.g., short legs vs. long legs), coat type (short hair, curly, etc.), fur color, and tail length.

Consider your budget


Sometimes pet’s clothes can be more expensive than those for people.

Once you have determined how much money you want to spend on a costume, decide whether you would prefer to go big or small. If you plan to attend many parties and events with your dog over the course of the year, consider buying a costume that will last longer and won’t require frequent replacement.

However, if you only plan to wear your dog out once per year, then choose a costume that will fit well and look great without requiring a lot of maintenance.

Determine the party theme

When choosing a costume, think about the types of costumes you might encounter at different occasions throughout the year. Are you planning to dress up your dog for a Halloween party? Or do you just want to give them something cute to wear around the house?

Knowing the party theme ahead of time should help narrow down your choices.

Sometimes, one costume can fit more occasions, so you can consider this great way to save some money.

Decide between a costume and accessories


If your dog hates clothes, you can still manage to buy some accessories for Halloween.

A costume is likely going to be the easiest way to dress up your dog, but accessories can add some details to any outfit. Make sure to pick items that complement each other. Take advantage of these opportunities to make your dog’s costume complete!

Pay attention to your dog’s chest size

You need to measure your dog’s chest size before purchasing any costume. If you want a good fit, then make sure that the costume fits snugly around their neck. You should take measurements along the line between the collar bone and the base of the rib cage. Make sure that you measure both sides of your dog’s body.

Many dogs have specific chest size, so pay a lot of attention to it.

Compare them to children


If your dog is smaller than average, then look at those costumes designed specifically for small dogs. Many people think that their dog would look silly in those costumes, but they just don’t understand how big some breeds really are.

If you have a larger-than-average dog, then you may want to consider buying him a human costume. A child’s size suit might work well if he looks like a little person. Otherwise, try looking online for adult or children’s sizes.

Don’t buy too big costumes

As much as we love our dogs, they do not always appreciate having things shoved down their throats. Buying a too-big costume can make them look floppy. Look for a costume that fits comfortably. You can always add padding to the inside of the costume to help keep your dog comfortable.

Also, don’t buy too tight costumes, to avoid overheating and chocking.

Consider costumes that are easy to take off


A lot of dogs’ love wearing costumes; however, they hate taking them off. Check out the costumed options that are removable, because these will save you time and trouble later on. Once your dog realizes that it’s easier to wear a costume than take it off, he will enjoy dressing up more often.

Think about safety first

When choosing your dog’s costume, make sure that you check the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding safety first. Different materials can be harmful to different animals. There are many examples where pets have become injured after wearing certain costumes.

We hope that we helped with your decisions.