3 Reasons Why Heat Recovery Can Transform Your Home

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Home is where the heart is, and that is not just a saying that has no foundation in real life. Our home is the place where we spend quality time with the people that we love most in the world, where we shape our dreams and turn them into reality. That’s why investing time and money in home improvements can be a smart idea, but which kind of renovation is the best choice? 

There are many different options available when it comes to remodeling. However, there is one trend that gains traction much faster than others. According to On the Spot HVAC, more and more people are investing in home heat recovery systems such as the market-leading Nuaire heat recovery units, and finding that they’re transforming their homes for the better in more ways than one. 

Initially, the only thing that comes to mind is the fact that the home becomes warmer during winter, but many other advantages can be mentioned. Here are three ways that a Nuaire heat recovery can make a difference to your property, the ones that you might not know about. 

A Warmer Home, All Year Round

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We all want a warm, welcoming home, whatever the weather outside may be like, and that’s just what the installation of a heat recovery unit can bring. It’s a supremely effective way of keeping your home warm because it recycles air that is already present in your rooms. If you’ve ever visited a home that uses a heat recovery system based upon Nuaire heat recovery units, and they’re growing in number every year, you’re sure to have noticed how warm it felt from the moment you stepped through the door. Heat recovered homes produce an even temperature across the property, so you won’t need to worry about cold spots.

The fact that air is recycled is something that few people take into account, but it is a huge advantage. It means that there is no need to take in new air and then heat it, which is shared with many other systems on the market. 

You Can Breathe Easily

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You can breathe easy when you have heat recovery in your home because it helps to filter and purify the air within your home. That’s because it works by extracting the stale, moist air which lingers in our rooms, heating it, and then redistributing this recovered air throughout the home. You’ll be able to feel the difference in the air quality, as it produces a drier and fresher feeling, as well as a warmer atmosphere. That’s why Nuaire heat recovery units from BPC Ventilation are a smart choice from people who suffer from dust allergies, hay fever, and conditions such as asthma.

While some worry about the fact that they need to worry about changing air filters, the best heat recovery systems work automatically and require the screen to be replaced once per year. That is usually done through the regular maintenance system. 

Great for the Environment, and Your Pocket

We all know how important recycling is and how it can offset our carbon footprint and help the environment. Nuaire heat recovery units recycle the air within your property, and they can boost your green credentials even more than recycling tin, paper, and other household goods does. That’s because the world-class performance they deliver in ventilation and heating means that you’ll be able to turn your thermostat down. You’ll be using energy which has already been generated rather than relying on new power which has come from the burning of fossil fuels and our natural resources. That’s excellent news for future generations and great news for your pocket, too, as it can lead to savings on your utility bills.

There are states in the US installing a heat recovery system can bring in some pretty substantial tax rebates at the end of the year because you play your part in protecting the environment. 

Some heat recovery units transform your tired old air into fresh new air, heating your home and changing stale, damp atmospheres. It’s easy to see why more homeowners are investing in heat recovery solutions for their homes, and it can cost much less than you think.

How does heat recovery work?

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When it comes to efficient air conditioning, one of the most important aspects is the recovery of heat in mechanical ventilation. It is a way to guarantee the necessary comfort in our homes, shops, or offices without incurring the high costs of traditional air conditioning. If we greatly simplify its functionality, we can say that it is a heat exchange or heat recovery system that allows heating or cooling the air outside – depending on whether it is summer or winter – to reuse the previously consumed energy.

Given the imminent future of construction, in the Almost Null Consumption Building – which will be launched on a full scale within a year and a half -, ventilation systems with heat recuperators will be almost a necessity. Thanks to this, in summer, it is possible to enjoy a cold climate and, in winter, a warmer temperature indoors—no need to use air conditioners or heating systems.

There are several ways to classify heat recuperators. Some only recover raw energy and others, both sensitive and latent. The recovery units that are installed in mechanical systems regularly are the second.

What do we achieve?

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  • A significant energy saving. Unless we are in situations of extreme cold or heat, home comfort will be more than enough
  • The air entering the home is clean and filtered. Free of impurities, contaminating particles, and even insects

The efficiency of the heat recovery unit or the heat exchanger will be affected by outdoor temperature conditions and also by the input and output flow rates. It should be remembered that ventilation systems so that they can function optimally, need windows to be closed. Airing the room is responsible for the ventilation system itself, which never goes out.

Another element that significantly influences the efficiency of the heat recovery itself is the ventilation flow. 

So, where are these units to be installed? They can be mounted on the false ceiling and in a horizontal position. There are facilities both vertically and horizontally.

The efficiency of the exchanger and recovery unit itself will depend on the effectiveness of the equipment core, which is where both air currents pass.