Should You Hire Access Equipment or Buy it Outright?

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Construction companies seem to be in charge of so many assignments – after all, their employees are those on whose decisions and actions the success of the project being implemented depends. One of those that actually needs the most attention is the one that concerns human life itself and the protection of those responsible for the physical part of the job.

There’s no person who, while observing masons and builders trying to maintain balance at great heights, doesn’t wonder where they got so much courage and how safe the platforms that support them are. This is also the task of the employer – to provide its employees with durable safety equipment which would minimize the risk of falls and injuries in the most efficient possible way. All those who have dealt with it at least once in their lives know what an exhausting and hard process it might be to choose this piece of equipment.

So many factors to consider, so many questions in your head, in case you’re one of them too.

One of the most common dilemmas concerns the procurement of platforms – what’s the best way to get them? Numerous companies that do this type of business often hesitate between renting, which often seems like a milder option, and buying their own machines. The situation is even worse when you know absolutely nothing about it, but you need to make a decision that you won’t regret.

It’s because of you that we’re here today – to teach you a little more about the implementation of these pieces of gear right away and help you make the right choice. After all, everything you’ll do indirectly depends on decisions like these.

What are the benefits of hiring access platforms?

1. Fewer costs

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No matter how much money you’ll spend on renting, it’ll most likely cost incomparably less than deciding to buy all those machines yourself. So, even if you were setting money aside for a while and saving because you knew that you’d need this investment sooner or later, this option brings a chance to save. You can learn more when you visit

Let’s remember the other things that go with the purchased goods – mandatory maintenance and additional parts without which the machine itself means nothing. In case you thought it was all free and that it came with the platform or another machine itself, you were absolutely wrong. When hiring, you always know that you have received all the parts for the pre-calculated amount of money you have given. And even more important –  that your maintenance care will be over the same second the project is completed.

2. You get the ability to test the product

Certain types of purchases sometimes bring unforeseen circumstances. Insufficient experience and lack of previous inquiries about the properties of the machines could easily turn this process into a true nightmare. If, on the other hand, you know what you’re looking for, it’ll be much easier to make some kind of a deal with the owner of the equipment for someone expert to examine the platforms and other constructions more closely and judge whether such investments are worth it.

Of course, you have no obligation to buy what you try, and you can ask questions directly to people who have had experience with it. They can also point you to the advantages or potential defects that need to be taken into consideration – they won’t try to force you to buy something at any cost.

3. You can avoid papers and regulations

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You’re probably aware of the fact that, whatever we buy, the legal, regulatory part comes with it. What does this mean? Papers, papers, a bunch of paperwork, permissions, provisions on servicing, and maintaining what you buy and many more things. Numerous synonyms for long-term headaches. However, when you aren’t the owner yourself, this aspect is definitely none of your business.

This will be taken care of by the person from whom you rent the equipment because it’s registered on them. Otherwise, you’d have to reserve a lot of money, nerves, and patience in order for all these procedures to be performed in accordance with the laws and regulations.

4. No need to look for long-term storage space for the machines

Temporarily, yes – but only while the work lasts. In case you decide to buy the constructions yourself, there comes a new aspect to consider – where to place all this chaos? Some organizations are blessed enough with a decent amount of space which helps to store equipment while it isn’t in use, but what about those who don’t have this opportunity?

It’s for this reason that you need to think in time about whether there’s a solution when it comes to storage and for how long it’s possible to achieve it. If it’s all on shaky ground and doesn’t sound promising, you know what (not) to do.

And well, what about buying? Any advantages here?

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  1. Well – it’s new. The first thing to consider. If something’s brand new, it means that it hasn’t been used before and that there hasn’t been an opportunity for its parts to get broken or damaged in any way.

It also implies that the quality is at a much more enviable level than with second-hand or rentable gear. For some, this is a fundamental safety factor, but not everyone thinks the same way.

  1. It’s completely yours. And basically, you can do whatever you want with it. In case your organization or company needs it for multiple projects or purposes, it’ll always be there and you won’t have to go back to renters ever again

You also have more time to think about what features you want your gear to possess and what kind of constructions you need. A good company website here might be of huge significance, as they can always provide the visitors with appropriate info, photos, or even videos like CentralPlatformServices does.

  1. You’re even able to rent it. This way you get the chance to gain back the money you set aside for the purchase, which might actually be a pretty cool idea. Of course, this is feasible only in cases when you personally don’t need those things at the given moment.

Another benefit of doing it might also be not having to provide the storage for it all the time. It seems good enough to be a decent advantage for this list!

  1. It enables you to provide proper training for your employees. Training people to use the machines and the success in managing this process is one of the aspects that are pretty much covered with possessing your own gear. You have enough time to introduce each and every one of them to the basic characteristics and instructions and give them some space to learn.

The best thing is that this isn’t something short-term: once they learn the ropes, it’ll remain handy for future processes, too. You won’t need to spend more time explaining all that to new people and employees as the already existing staff will be able to assist you with this and show it practically

In any case, whatever the job, here comes the point – with good and professional staff and quality machines and equipment for work, any project will be completed on time. Even demanding ones – and both the investor and the owner of the construction company will be satisfied.

Therefore, the crux of the matter is to look at things from all sides and turn to the option that seems most suitable for your purposes. If you’re ready to take a risk and give your trust to a certain manufacturer as there are many projects awaiting you, then it’s quite okay to think about purchasing. However, should the financial possibilities be a limiting factor, choosing the right renter and entrusting them your way of doing things sounds like a pretty solid alternative? The choice is all yours!