Why use a Labor Hire Company for when Recruiting Staff?

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Many businesses are struggling thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, this doesn’t mean that all hiring has stopped. There are a number of businesses that need to hire more staff and others that have let staff go but really need an extra pair of hands, although only occasionally. It can be difficult to know the best course of action.
That’s why you should consider turning to a specialist firm such as brixprojects.com.au.

What The Labor Hire Firm Does

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In short, a labor hire firm helps you to find staff when you need them. In most cases, these types of firms will help you to find temporary workers, as and when you need them.
The current pandemic is making these firms very popular at the moment. After all, if you’ve had to let staff go you can’t afford to take on someone full time. But, a temporary worker is a different story.

The labor hire firm will have the details of many potential employees on their files. Each person will have been checked and interviewed to ensure they have the talents they claim to have. The labor hire firm provides you with a worker that has the skill set you need. It’s important to note that this is more like a contractor, the worker remains on the labor hire firms’ books.

You simply use the worker for as long as you need them and then the contract ends. The labor hire firm will invoice you regularly through the contract and at the end, allowing you to pay-as-you-employ.

In some instances, you can take on workers long-term or even ‘buy’ them off the agency and make them permanent employees of your company.

Why You Should Be Using A Labor Hire Firm

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There are several great reasons to use a labor hire firm:


When you have an uncertain economic climate you may not wish to commit to taking on a full-time worker. It’s a big financial commitment. But, you can take a temporary worker through the labor hire firm and use them as and when needed.
This will allow you to deal with peak periods and save money for the rest of the time.

Save Time

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Whether you want a temporary worker or a permanent one, it can be a time-consuming and often tedious process to find the right person. Firstly, you need to create a job description. Then, you’ll need to advertise, spend time looking through applications, and then whittle them down to the interview stage. If you pick the wrong person you have to start again!

But, if you use the labor hire firm you can skip all that! They have already done the interviewing and checking. You simply tell them what you need and they’ll provide you with a worker that can do it.

Not only do you save a lot of time, but you can also get the worker to stat much quicker than going through the entire application process.

Find The Right Worker

According to clayburnettgroup.com, using an agency gives you the opportunity to test a worker without having to worry about contract issues, or breaking contracts. The agency provides the worker and you can assess them as they work.

If you’re not happy with what or how they work then the agency can send an alternative. In this way, you can find the perfect worker for the role you have to offer and your business.

It’s a lot harder to do that if you’re hiring and firing people.

In other words, using an agency worker allows you the opportunity to get to know them before you decide if they’re a good fit for your business. That’s important as the wrong person can really damage morale.


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As mentioned, the economic situation is volatile. While the economy is always uncertain, it’s especially unpredictable at the moment. That makes taking on a full-time staff member a risky proposition. You may end up having to pay wages that the business simply can’t afford.

However, agencies allow you to take a worker as and when you need them. This gives you complete flexibility over your staff and much better control over your payroll. That could make a big difference when funds are tight.


It’s not just time you’ll save with a temporary agency worker. You’ll also avoid the paperwork that goes with an employee. Because the agency worker is technically still employed by the agency, you don’t need to keep employment records, allow for holiday and sick time and pay, or any of the other routine employee paperwork. The agency has to do this.

That gives you more time to focus on what matters, building your business.

Test It Out

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Perhaps the best thing about a labor hire agency is that you don’t need to believe what is written here to try them out.

If you’re in the market for an employee then you can try a labor hire company. All it will cost you is the funds that you would have paid to an employee.

The difference is that you can get rid of the employee and the agency if you don’t like them. That means you have nothing to lose by trying a labor hire firm and potentially a lot to gain!

Of course, it’s important to choose a reputable agency. This will reassure you that the workers have been properly checked and have the skillset they say they have. That’s especially important if you’re hiring them to do a specific job!

Check the reputation of your chosen labor agency with colleagues, friends, and even take a look at reviews on social media. You’ll quickly identify the best labor hire firms and discover that this can be a pleasant way of finding your next employee.

Not only will you eliminate the stress of finding an employee, but you’ll also save time and money, which can be invested in your business. That’s what you call a win-win!