How to Hire a Good Property Buyer Agent?

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Selling or buying houses is a big deal, and it is one of your most significant financial resolves. That is the reason for hiring a good property buyer agent is vital. The number of real estate agents hunting for jobs through yard signs, postcards, and online ads is overwhelming. Hiring the right one is a process that requires you to be smart. This guide will show you how to get a good property buyer agent.

Who is a Buyer Agent?

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A buyer agent is a staff of a real estate company who is licensed to stand in for you as the buyer when you are buying a home. The work of this agent is to ensure you get a house that suits you considering your budget and needs. They also give you (the buyer) answers to all the questions you may have about the surroundings of the particular house you are interested in.

When you visit different homes, you are likely to identify minor mistakes like cherry cabinets while overlooking big ones like weird floor plans and houses being located in a fire or swampy area. Your house agent will let you know these critical things helping you make the right choice.

After finding a house that fits your needs, and you want to propose your offer, the agent will assist you in making the right offer so that you don’t upset the vendor. They will explain every detail of the contract to you so you can be aware of what you are committing yourself to.

How to Hire a Good Property Buyer Agent?

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For you to hire a competent property buyer agent, you have to be very smart because most people out there who have labeled themselves as property buyer agents and who can’t deliver quality service. You could have heard from friends and colleagues that the way to get a good agent is interviewing several of them. But, this is easier said than done.

Perhaps you are wondering what questions you need to ask the shortlisted candidates and the qualities of a great agent. After checking or other property listing platforms and choosing the right home, it’s time to hire a real estate agent. Keep in mind that not all real agents have similar personal qualities and professional skills. Therefore, you must consider important factors before you hire a particular one.

Step 1: Research Thoroughly

Carrying out extensive research about something you want, whether a human being, service, or product, should be the first step to making a decision. You will see many competent agents on Social Media, Online adverts, etc. but seeming competency may not be competency in the real work. There are many agent matching service providers, e.g. HomeLight who can help you get a top-selling agent close to you who will assist you buy property from the comfort of your home.

Information regarding their location, price, years of experience, awards earned, etc. is found on the profiles of these agents. Reviews from clients they have served are also made available. You can also talk to the agent and collect a lot of information that will assist you.

You can also find out from your buddies who helped them sell or buy a property. Professionals who do business with real estate agents like plumbers, mortgage brokers, and home contractors can also help you get referrals.

Pay special attention to what are the specific aspects that the agent’s previous clients praised or complained about. Remember, the property buying or selling process requires more than just knowledge of the real estate markets. You need an expert negotiator, someone who can collaborate with you on a various property viewing occasions, and ensure that you get the best deal.

Step 2: Interview

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Even after doing research and getting a list of top-three best-selling agents from matching service providers, and referrals from folks and professionals, you need to interview them to be sure. Here are the questions you need to ask.

  • a) Years of Experience

When it comes to real estate, experience is vital. Although it is not a 100% guarantee they will be good, an experienced one is more likely to give you better service. The selling or buying process won’t be new to them and are better placed in knowing how to solve problems that may arise. However, this does not imply that newer agents are a no go zone. If you are willing to hire a new agent, you can question them more on this topic.

Keep in mind that real estate agents with many years in this business tend to have numerous clients. That means they might ask their assistants to help you. So, find out who will be helping with your project. Basically, you need someone who can help you achieve your property buying or selling goals.

  • b) Number of Transactions
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Of course, the more experienced an agent is the many transactions they have done. You don’t have to know the exact number but how they keep business continuing. An agent who is working full-time is better than a part-time one. They will loan you more expertise.

Also, it makes sense to ask about the average sales. Someone who gets better deals for buyers will be a better option. After all, you don’t want to overspend. Every dollar counts, and you need a real estate agent who understands that.

  • c) Are they Readily Available?

You don’t need an agent who tells you they have other business transactions they need to close before they can work for you. The right one will be available throughout the day to meet you after office hours and to help with the transaction logistics during the day.


Other questions you can ask include how well they know the area, and whether they have handled your type of transaction. After that, ask yourself how you feel about them and whether they have your best interest at heart. Such questions will assist you in selecting the right property buyer agent.