Horse Racing Events to Look Forward to in 2024


Horse racing is one of the sports that dates back thousands of years. It is also the sport where big horse racing events managed to survive through tough times like World Wars and they are still up and running today.

The excitement and competitiveness of horse racing, as well as the ability to bet on the outcome, is what makes this sport so popular around the world.

This year, we’ve had incredible horse racing events that brought new champions, and since we are approaching the end of the year, it is time to prepare for what’s coming in 2024.

Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting horse racing events that are scheduled for 2024 that will definitely bring excitement to horse racing enthusiasts.

Biggest Horse Racing Events in 2024

According to TwinSpires calendar, most of the big horse racing events that were organized this year will also be in the main focus in 2024, since these big events have a long-running history and they will continue to dominate the world of horse racing for years to come.

The Kentucky Derby


When we talk about horse racing, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is the Kentucky Derby. This is without a doubt one of the most popular horse races on the planet that marks the beginning of the prestigious Triple Crown races.

The Kentucky Derby offers a $3 million prize purse and a long-running legacy that dates back to 1875. Year after year this race attracts more attention from the public and has a massive fanbase with over 150,000 attending the event.

Unlike other races, the Kentucky Derby always takes place at the Churchill Downs Racetrack in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Kentucky Derby 2024 is scheduled for May 6, but before all the horses line up for the run of their lives, they need to go through the qualifying process by participating in races called “The Road to Kentucky”.

Royal Ascot


It is no secret that the birthplace of horse racing is the United Kingdom, which is why horse racing events in this country are so popular. One of the biggest horse racing events in the UK is the Royal Ascot, which often attracts members of the Royal family and has a long tradition that dates back to 1711.

This is a prestigious event with a prize purse of $10 million scattered across a few five days of racing. Due to the magnitude of this event, it attracts many top-level horses and jockeys from all around the world.

This event is scheduled for June 20-23, 2024 where horse racing enthusiasts can experience five days of total horse racing drama.

Saudi Cup


As horse racing grew in popularity, some countries started adopting the sport and introducing new horse racing events, just like the Saudi Cup. This horse racing event might not have the history that other prestigious events have, but it quickly got the attention of the entire world just because of the big prize purse.

The Saudi Cup holds the biggest prize purse in horse racing, which adds up to a total of $31.5 million for the top four finishing horses.

With such a big reward, it is expected that most of the top-level trainers would want to get a piece of the action.

The Saudi Cup is scheduled for February 26, 2024, at King Abdulaziz racecourse, and definitely should be on your watch list.

Qatar Prix De L’arc De Triomphe


Among all Europe countries, France also has quite a rich history with horse racing. The Qatar Prix De L’arc De Triomphe is a long-running race that is held for more than 150 years.

It is also one of the richest horse racing events in Europe with a total prize pool of $5.6 million.

Just because this event is quite popular in the horse racing community, it gets the attention of every high-end competitor in the sport as they seek prestige.

So, how does it look to put the fastest horses from all around the world in one place? – A total drama!

In 2024, Torquator Tasso won the “Arc” with a 72-1 odd, which surprised most people, and this year, mare Alpinista took the first pace that also made history. This horse was the second five-year-old mare to win the Arc after Corrida in 1937.

Since this event takes place in October, it is too early to know the exact date. Considering that the “Arc” is scheduled for the first Sunday in October, we can expect this race to start on the 1st of October 2024, but the date is yet to be confirmed.

Melbourne Cup


Now we move to Australia’s most popular horse race which also managed to build a long-running history dating back to 1861.

The so-called jewel of Australia’s horse racing is a popular race that attracts the attention of the fastest horses in the world. On top of that, it has prize money that reaches $5.6 million, meaning that it is one of the richest horse racing events on the planet.

The best thing about the Melbourne Cup is the attendance level. Even though it doesn’t come close to the Kentucky Derby, bringing only 100,000 fans to the race, it is still one of the highest-attended races in the world.

The Melbourne Cup next year is scheduled for November 7, 2024, and should definitely be a date to look up to.

The Breeders Cup


If the Melbourne Cup doesn’t give you enough horse racing action for November, we can move back to the United States to another jewel of a race called the Breeders Cup.

This race is unofficially considered the fourth leg of the Triple Crown races, and there is a good reason for that. The Breeders Cup is an invitational race where only the best horses get a chance to race.

This is an event packed with horse racing action. There are 14 races sorted into different categories, with a total prize purse of $29 million.

Another thing that makes the Breeders Cup unique is that it is organized in different locations every year. Next year, the action will move back to one of the most memorable racecourses, Santa Anita Park, for the 40th running World Championships.

The Breeders Cup is scheduled for November 3-4, 2024, where horse racing enthusiasts can get plenty of action across all 14 races.