How Can Your CV Stand Out From the Crowd


Studies have shown that on average employers spend only about seven seconds looking at a CV before they decide whether a candidate is good for the role. First impressions are very important for success, so here are the most effective ways that you can make your CV stand out from the others.

Start strong


Start with a quick summary of all your key accomplishments and skills. This will attract the employer and grab their attention from all the other CVs. This personal profile is a crucial part of your CV and tells the employer exactly who you are, so you will want to leave the best impression.

“I am a committed, hardworking and enthusiastic individual with a track record of creating and designing websites. I have strong interpersonal and technical skills. I am willing to grow and expand my knowledge and skills and I’m prepared for any challenge” This is a good example of how a CV should begin.

Emphasize on results instead of responsibilities

Instead of just listing all your past responsibilities (jobs), make your CV stand out by emphasizing on your results, using data to show all your accomplishments.

Customize the CV for the job you want


Respond directly to the job description and explain why you are a good candidate for the role. You can do this by relating your accomplishments and skills to the elements of the job role. Employers want the candidates that apply to understand the role they are going for, and the more you show this, the more your CV will stand out from the crowd.

However, keep in mind that it might take longer to write your CV, especially if you are applying for a bigger number of roles, but if it helps you find a job then it surely is time well spent.

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Highlight growth and changes

You should focus on your personal development in your CV. Show how much you have changed and grown in your roles, and the accomplishments you have achieved with these changes. This will show the employer that you have learned from your past position and that you are ready to learn and expand your knowledge and skills.

Use power words


Using power words will give an additional impact on your CV and your accomplishments. Include words such as innovative, implemented, achieved and adaptable for each of your roles, and follow up with impressive outcomes or results which will show what you have delivered in the past.

A lot of companies may use database software that filters out all the candidates who do not use certain keywords, so make sure you study the job description carefully and know what the employers are looking for.

Creating the right CV can be quite tiring and time-consuming, however, this is the opportunity where you can show off your skills and accomplishments to the recruiter. The more you study the industry and the job description, the better you will be prepared to make your CV stand out from the crowd.