Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign’s Performance with Updated Tips for 2024

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Email marketing continued to be one of the best performing digital marketing mediums in 2024, especially in the B2B sector.

That was bought about exciting times for many companies, but it means that they now need to enhance their strategy moving forward.

As the New Year begins and marketers begin to prepare new materials and strategies for 2024, it is time to take a look at some of the highlights in email marketing strategies for the next year.

Welcome Emails Deserve Special Attention

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A welcome email has multiple advantages for marketers to utilize, but unfortunately, a large section of the potentials is often left untapped. To make the best of your welcome email message, one must at first know what those advantages are:

  • As the first email which users receive from the company on signing up/buying, welcome emails have an extremely high open rate
  • For the same reason, as stated above, they also have excellent clickthrough rates
  • Fake or wrong email IDs can be deleted from the database instantly on seeing a hard bounce

The opportunity to connect with and welcome your new subscribers/customers is high with a welcome email due to the top open and clickthrough rates. While it’s advised not to get too aggressive at this time, customers are more likely to buy addons from a business right after the initial purchase. However, branding should be the focus of welcome emails over marketing or sales.

It Might be Time to Look for a Better Email Marketing Platform

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Whoever your email marketing platform and automation software provider maybe, in 2024, it might finally be time to try something new. There are so many different service providers out there, so it’s worth having a look around the market to examine the choices you have.

For example, Mailchimp is the dominating name in email marketing in terms of market share but check this comparison. It clearly shows that the popular platform lacks GDPR compliance certification, email client testing options, unlimited contact support, and it doesn’t offer any SMS marketing tools to their customers at all.

If you are interested where to find SMS marketing tools, check out SendPulse marketing automation platform.  Come this year; it’s time to reconsider whether you are paying more for less by sticking with your old email provider.

More than this, it might even be worth investing in some kind of campaign management software for your efforts. Something such as the one offered by Crosscap can integrate into all your different marketing efforts and boost your ROI.

More is Not Necessarily Better

Frequency is a delicate matter, and it’s particularly hard to get that part right! To know exactly how many emails you should be sending and when is no easy task, but the general idea would be not to irritate your clients/customers/subscribers, or let them forget you.

The importance of calculated rarity in the inbox is paramount for this. What this means is that if the email newsletters become too frequent, then they will keep piling up, unopened, and forgotten. On the other hand, if they have not seen your business’s name for a while in their inbox, it will stand out as a comparatively and immediately rare item. That improves open rates significantly as it piques interest.

Using Familiarity in Email Marketing

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Can you be both familiar and just rare enough? It certainly is possible, and that will play a crucial role in 2024’s best email marketing strategies. We already discussed the effectiveness of calculated rarity in the inbox, but if that sender name is familiar as well, it will improve your open and clickthrough rates based on the following principles:

  • As mentioned, rarity piques interest, but familiarity creates trust
  • A rare email from a trusted sender will enjoy a high chance of success
  • This strategy is particularly relevant for old clients/customers

In summary, you want your content to be unusual, yet at the same time, really speak to and engage with, your reader. That can be a challenge, but with a little practice, you can create the perfect tone of voice for your campaigns.

It’s an Outdated Mistake to Send Emails from “noreply@email”

There is no ignoring the fact that customers hate getting emails from a “noreply@email” address, and if you are still using it, it’s a bad strategy. As to why it’s a bad strategy, that can be summarized in the following points:

  • Clients feel they are not being given the attention they need
  • It makes the whole email look and feels pointless
  • Surveys clearly show that most emails with a “no-reply” instruction are never even opened
  • It makes it more complicated for customers to get back to you with the proper feedback

Making that First Impression

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The welcome email is not the first email that clients/customers usually receive, but it’s the first one they receive after becoming a customer/client. In the meanwhile, all those emails sent to leads before conversions will only work if they are impressive enough.

The parameters of being impressive will vary widely concerning the industry and the customer base. Still, the following three are the essential aspects in your emails for catching attention and making an excellent first impression.

  • The sender name (use identifiable and memorable names)
  • The subject line – summary or heading in bold
  • The preheader – a glimpse at the inner content’s interesting bits

Don’t Forget The Basics

When you’re dealing with so many innovative technologies, it’s hard to choose the audience for it. Take the time to re-profile your target market and think about what they want and what you need to say to them. Also, remember that you still need to focus on the essentials, like proofreading. That will ensure that you don’t create a cutting-edge email marketing campaign that falls at the first hurdle and doesn’t resonate with readers.

Overall, aside from incremental improvements, over the years, email has not changed much, but it’s the competition between automated email platform providers that is heating up. From the perspective of a client company, though, that’s good news, as this would lead to more features at better prices. Use this list of tips to create engaging campaigns that will resonate with readers and bring success to your business.


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