How To Tell If Your Leather Furniture Is Real Or Fake


You want everything to be flawless when you decorate your home, whether your home or office. And if you want to use leather furniture, then you have to see whether it is real or fake. It could be your sofa, couch, or something similar.

So, if you’re wondering whether your sofa is made of real leather or not, here are some things to consider. It might be tough for homeowners to tell which furniture is genuine and fake, so if you want the greatest and best furniture, visit It will be worth your time and money.

Steps To Determine If The Furniture Is Fake Or Not


There can be many ways to check the authenticity, but here are the few steps you can follow to check the Genuinity of your furniture.

1. Check The Appearance

You can verify for authenticity in the appearance of the leather as well. Because it is frequently derived from animals, genuine leather will contain fat wrinkles. The animals’ fat accumulation causes wrinkles. As a result, it confirms that you have a genuine one, giving you a distinct look. Typically, after the cleaning process and all, it is painted and then dyed.

Also, pay attention to the edges; genuine material will have uneven and rough edges. With faux one, this will not be the case. It has a delicate and refined feel to it when you touch it. The texture of the real one is gritty. Wrinkles, imperfections, and a pristine look are all signs that your furniture is artificial leather. So, look for wrinkles and not for perfection.


2. Check What The Label Says

Well, it is the easiest way to check the authenticity of the furniture. However, it might be available in all the furniture. The tag will say genuine leather, or 100 per cent real leather if it is genuine. If that is the case, congratulations, you have a real deal if you can see that. If the label states synthetic or PVC is included, it’s faux leather. Keep in mind that genuine leather is more expensive than imitation.

3. Smell

You can check whether it is fake or real by smelling the furniture. If you’ve ever had leather furniture, you’re probably aware that it has a unique odour. Because it comes from animals, it has a distinct skin odour that is difficult to eradicate. And there will be no odour with the fake one. It will have a plastic odour. If there is a chemical or plastic odour, it is a forgery.

4. Fire Test

You may not need to perform this test because all of the other methods can verify the authenticity of your furniture. Still, you can perform this fire test if you want to be certain. So, to check the authenticity of your sofa, couch, or any other piece of furniture, look for an inconspicuous inside seam.

Now, carefully bring a lighter, candle, or other flames to the material and burn a small portion. If it smells like burnt hair, be assured that it is an authentic one. When leather is burned, it emits a foul odour. However, if it is a false or synthetic one, it will melt or catch fire. So, obviously, use extreme caution when performing this test.

5. Water Test

You have checked it with fire, and now it is time to check it with water. Real leather absorbs water, whereas synthetic one repels it.

6. Check The Pores

Examining the pores is another way to determine Genuity. It’s one of those times when perfection isn’t necessary. If something is flawless, it is a fake. Real leather will have pores and an inconsistent pattern. The fake one will have a smooth texture with no pores visible.


7. Check The Back

Closely examine the leather’s backside. There are some holes in the back. Closely study the holes. If you see that they are uneven, you can be certain it is authentic. If the back of the couch or sofa is covered with plastic or any other type of fabric, it is not a genuine one. Also, even circular holes are indicators of a fake.

8. Always Buy From Authentic Shop

The simplest approach to avoid this problem is to buy furniture from a reputable source. You do not want to waste your money on a phoney. So, always go with a reputable vendor that has been in the business for a long time and is known for selling genuine articles.

What Are The Advantages?


Several reasons why so many people want to have real leather furniture are listed below:

  • One of the reasons for this is that it lasts a long time. The real one will last a long time compared to the synthetic version. The nicest aspect is that this furniture ages beautifully and improves with time. As a result, you need to invest once and reap the benefits for years to come.
  • Repairing it requires less labour. Real leather is superior to synthetic one in terms of durability. You don’t even have to be concerned about its upkeep. You are not required to take it for dry cleaning.
  • And, of course, it looks beautiful. This furniture adds artistic value to any room. It is beautiful to look at. Every animal’s skin is different so you can find different variations. It can also have a wholly natural or ‘bare’ look.
  • It is also comfortable to sit in. Leather absorbs water, so the moisture and precipitation of your body can be absorbed, and it will give you a more comfortable feel.

Final Thoughts

For some people, having genuine leather furniture is essential. If you have any doubts, you can take the actions outlined above. If you want to become an expert at recognizing the real from the phoney, you can take samples of both and compare them. With a lot of practice, you can perfect this art. This will make it easier for you to spot the false one in the future. Additionally, you will save money.