Pros and Cons of Leaflets for Business Advertising

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The development of Internet technology brought some essential opportunities to all businesses. Every entrepreneur in the world now has the chance to reach his audience through social media. They are a powerful and most popular tool for business promotion. Logically, the competition in the online world is also tough because of that. You need to be smart and creative if you plan to be better than your competitors.

On the other hand, many entrepreneurs leaflets as an old-fashioned advertising method. Because of that, they would rather choose to invest their money in social media campaigns. Our intention is not to say that companies should stick to traditional methods. On the contrary, you need to follow the trends in the marketing world. In that way, you will meet the requirements and expectations of your target audience.

Still, advertising in all possible ways is always a good move. Leaflets might be a traditional promotional method. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t bring any benefits to your business. There are certain pros and cons of leaflets for business advertising that every entrepreneur should know. After reading both lists, you might change the way of thinking.

Pros of Leaflets for Business Advertising

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It would be good to start positively because the list of pros is a lot longer. Logically, you will get those advantages only if you know how to use this method in the right way. That is not a big philosophy and we are sure that most of the entrepreneurs will know how to handle it.


Let’s imagine that you recently started a business. The biggest problem of first-time entrepreneurs is a lack of money. They want to save money in every possible way, but they know that investments in the promotion are necessary. Posting leaflets to people’s doors is a great way to establish a brand for micro and small businesses.

For instance, let’s say that you started a small local restaurant when you can place 100 people. Your goal is to attract people from your neighborhood to come and taste your food. Of course, you can run a marketing campaign and target people that live there. Still, that move is not going to be cheap. First of all, you need to hire someone who is going to design your ad. After that, you need to hire a social media manager if you do not know how social media algorithm functions. Finally, it is recommendable that you have a website that also brings additional costs.

We agree that promoting on social media is less expensive than promoting on TV. But, expenses with leaflets are even smaller. More precisely, you won’t have to spend a fortune to produce and design it. Many online programs will help you do that for free. You only need to include creativity when doing that.

Printing the leaflets is also not expensive. This especially counts when people print off high quantities.

They Contain a Lot of Information

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You have probably seen many digital marketing ads on the main page of your social media profile. As you know, these ads do not say a lot of things. Their main goal is to capture your attention and convince you to research the company’s website. For something like that, you truly need to be an expert. Despite that, even if the companies want to write everything, there won’t be enough place.

When you look closer, this is the biggest advantage of leaflets. There you can place all the important information about your business. Logically, all the content that you place needs to be well-organized. More precisely, the content needs to visually pleasing.

Some sort of balance has to exist. You can add many elements like contact information, images, logo, etc. Still, it is not the point to add pieces of information that are irrelevant for your potential customer. Add only those that will truly be useful for him and your business as well.

They Are Visually Pleasing

We will continue in the same manner. Okay, they won’t be visually pleasing if you do not pick the right design. There are certain ways of how you can grab the person’s attention. For instance, colorful leaflets with images and attractive headers would be a match. Just be sure that those colors are matchable with your business. If you are running a pharmacy, the black color would not be a match.

There are also different shapes and sizes you can choose between. Measure how much space you will need to place all the necessary information. However, it is also important how you will structure the content. First of all, avoid using long paragraphs and long sentences. You can, for instance, bold the most important parts that will grab the extra attention of the reader. It is also recommendable that you divide the content with several different headings. For example, “About Us”, “Contact Info”, “Where Can You Find Us”, etc.

Cons of Leaflets for Business Advertising

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People should know about the negative side of leaflets as well. It is not the point to believe that everything is perfect around this promotional tool. By knowing the disadvantages, you will know how to adapt to this sort of advertising.


The entire marketing campaign on social media can be set with a couple of clicks. Sharing leaflets from door to door can spend your entire day. This won’t allow you to concentrate on some other important duties associated with your business.

However, even this problem is solvable. You can hire a circular distribution company and ask for a door-to-door distribution service. This would be a smart investment only if the company you hire is responsible and respects deadlines. Our recommendation is to visit and check which option you have.

Can Be Considered As Irrelevant

One scenario is happening all the time. A person receives a leaflet, spends a couple of seconds to check it, and throws it to garbage. This doesn’t mean that this way of promotion is bad. It only means that you didn’t succeed to grab the attention of that person. Do not design the layout of the leaflet in a hurry. Analyze carefully which designs will meet the expectations and requirements of your target audience. Once you find the perfect match, your business will get the benefits we talked about.