Should I Get An Access Control System For My Business?

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There are more than six billion people in the world – it’s good to know how many are currently on your premises. Therefore, you may need to have adequate access control at your company. What this implies and why is this so significant – we will try to explain in the text that follows.

What Are Authorization And Access Control?

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Simply put – authorization and access control are ways to control access to data online, services and other resources. These processes take place almost everywhere. Whether you are at the bank or getting on the plane – you need to show that you are authorized for certain activities. It can be access to business class or withdrawing money from your account. If you do not have permission to access a certain area or activity – you will be exempted.

What Is The Access Control System?

The term “access control system” usually means a specially designed system that can control, monitor and restrict the movement of people, assets or vehicles – in, out and around a particular object. Any property owner or person can confirm that any type of security assistance is invaluable – especially if it is a technical security system. The security of your company is a task that you should entrust to a reliable system. One such system is access control, as one of the best forms of technical protection.

On What Principle Does It Work?

The access control system works on a simple principle: the physical barrier prevents unauthorized personnel from entering and electronically grants access to authorized persons. These physical barriers can be doors with electronic locking devices, ramps, parking gates, elevators, etc. Such physical barriers are most often electronically controlled by a type of reader that identifies people based on their legitimacy, which can be a keyboard, a card reader, or a biometric reader.

Access Cards, Key Fobs, And Keyboards

Then again, there are cards, key fobs, and keyboards. The vast majority know about such cards which are standardly recognizable as proof or charge cards – yet they function basically like an electronic key. Such plastic cards with a chip or magnet strip contain encoded information which is perused by swiping the card and utilized to give permission to enter secured areas. The key fob has some sort of a comparative capacity and function as the card – yet as opposed to being embedded, it is rather held near the peruser. As for the look of the key fob – it is like a vehicle remote and can be utilized together with different keys. Finally, the entrance control keypad utilizes a numerical keyboard with the goal that any individual requesting entrance to the controlled space should genuinely type a code that will be affirmed or denied.

The Fingerprint Reading Approach

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The control using biometric solutions like retinal scanning, but also fingerprints – is by far the safest security method since physical features cannot be duplicated. Such solutions are most commonly used in approaches within “forbidden” premises.

Prices For Installation of Security Systems

Installation costs of such systems vary depending on the type and purpose, the software, but also the size of the objects to be protected. From the start, you can expect a sum that ranges from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.

You can find out more about the prices and performance of such safety devices on websites of professional software-security companies. Prices depend mainly on the hardware and software components installed – but also on the level of security you are offered. Higher security means a higher price. However, one thing is for sure – this kind of investment, although it may be initially expensive – pays off in the long run.

Controlling Office Access

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Electronic access control systems are an essential part of security systems in the offices of every major company. We can expand systems in such workspaces to include time and attendance, visitor management and even the parking management. Just like regular staff members are present in the office every day – depending on the nature of the business, the office is likely to receive visitors, temporary staff, field staff, etc. Although they are not there regularly, they can easily fit in with office workers so you cannot keep track of their movements. That is why it is very important to monitor who is in the office and to ensure that unauthorized personnel does not have access to valuable things and sensitive information.

Controlling Access In Production Facilities

Manufacturing plants have a dynamic, changing environment with a continuous flow of finished products, materials, and people. This creates a lot of chances for theft and also represents a major health and safety risk that must be controlled at all times. Access control systems are designed to allow access only to people with the necessary authority to ensure the protection of people and property.

Also, if all facility areas are protected by access control – incident reporting is easier because it provides records of who was in the area during the incident. Such a system can also monitor the number of special categories of personnel present in the controlled area to ensure the necessary quota of key personnel such as security supervisors.

Working Time Control

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A special program for “working hours”, allows you to process the working hours of employees in a very simple and fast way. By bringing the cards closer to the terminal, employees can record their departure and arrival, thus logging on to the system and the software processes all the data. The system of working hours records enables great savings for every company and puts order into business, for several reasons:

  • Hours of operation have been replaced by automatic ones
  • Increased work discipline
  • Increasing work discipline leads to higher productivity, less delay, and absenteeism
  • Employees have a clear insight into the list of their departures and arrivals
  • Eliminates any doubt about the number of hours spent in the workplace
  • The employer is given a clear and unambiguous insight into the arrival/departure list, ie. attendance at work