8 Critical Spring Cleaning Home Maintenance Chores

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Spring is just around the corner, and it’s time to start making your list of cleaning chores. Spring cleaning isn’t just about opening up your windows and cleaning the winter grit off of your floors. There are many chores to be done both inside and out after a long, harsh winter. Home maintenance is an essential part of keeping the roof over your head stable and protective for your family. Keeping on top of maintenance chores is an effective way to identify smaller issues before they become big problems.

For overall home maintenance, you should have an annual to-do list that covers all seasons. There are particular chores that need to be done in all seasons, like changing your AC filters, and getting in the habit of following a schedule can help you stay on track. Let’s look at a few critical spring cleaning home maintenance chores that you should be preparing for soon.

Clean Gutters

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The fall and winter can be tough on your gutter system. Fallen leaves and heavy snow from winter storms can cause your gutters to become clogged and inefficient. The spring is the perfect time to clean out your gutters and fix any leaks, cracks, or breaks in your system. Your gutter system is an essential part of your roofing system that helps to divert water from your roof to the ground. Clogged or poorly maintained gutters can result in leaks and roofing damage. Don’t forget to take a look at your downspouts. Make sure that they are securely fastened to your home and properly diverting water from your gutters away from your foundation.

Clean windows

Winter grime and dirt can make your windows look dull and lifeless. Spring is the best time to open the sashes and let the light in. Cleaning your windows needs to be done both inside and out for the best results. Make sure to inspect your window seals to ensure that they haven’t cracked or broken during the winter. Remove your screens and wash them in warm soapy water to remove winter grime.

Change Furnace Filters

After a long winter, it’s time to change out your furnace filters. It won’t be long before you are turning back on your HVAC system to keep your home cool in the summer heat. Furnace filters work to remove dust, allergens, and pollutants out of your home year-round and should be changed every three months. According to filterbuy.com, installing new HEPA filters will help you rid your home of spring pollen and dust that can irritate seasonal allergies in the spring. When you change your furnace filters on a regular schedule, you not only improve the indoor air quality of your home but help your furnace to run more efficiently.

Clear Yard Debris

Snow has a way of covering up a lot of debris that could be hazardous around your landscaping. Over the winter, it’s possible for branches and other debris to have collected around your yard. Once the snow has melted, it’s time to make a clean-up tour around your property. Leaving debris sitting too long could prevent new grass from growing and create a home for insect infestations that can quickly get out of control.

Check Smoke Alarms

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Your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can help to save the lives of you and your family if they aren’t working properly. All of your alarms should be inspected every three months. The spring is a great time to take out your old batteries and replace them with a new set. You don’t want to wait until it is too late to put fresh batteries in all of your life-saving devices.

Roof Inspection

If you live in parts of the country that see a lot of snow during the winter, your roof should have a full inspection in the spring. Heavy snowfalls can take a damaging toll on your roofing systems. Look for any missing shingles as an obvious sign of damage. You should also look for more subtle signs of roof damage, including peeling or curled shingles, exposed beams, leaks, and missing shingle granules. If you are uncertain about getting up on your roof, you can call in the professionals to do an annual inspection.

Foundation Inspection

The extreme cold of the winter can be tough on your concrete foundation. As temperatures rise and dip, your foundation can go through a tough shrinking and expansion process that can result in cracks. Take a walk around your home and look for cracks along the base of your home. Take notice of any areas that have been damaged and take care of repairs quickly before they become a problem. During the winter melt, the runoff process can also damage the soil around your foundation. If you spot any low spots, it’s critical to regrade those areas to help divert draining water away from your foundation.

Clean Dryer Vents

Over the winter, you have probably done dozens of loads of laundry. That means there is a good chance that your dryer hose is full of lint. Lint itself is harmless, but a buildup over a period of time could cause a dangerous clog. Dryer hoses that are packed with clogged lint represent a fire hazard and can make it tougher for your dryer to work efficiently. In the spring, use your vacuum to remove any accumulated lint in your dryer hose.

Trim Trees

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Winter storms and heavy snow can be tough on the trees and bushes surrounding your home. Cracked branches can end up being an overhead hazard that could be disastrous. When the snow melts, it’s time to take a close look at all of your landscaped trees. If you see any cracked or damaged limbs, it’s a good idea to cut them back. Any branches that are hanging close to powerlines should also be cut back. Tree trimming isn’t for the faint of heart or an inexperienced homeowner and should be left to the professionals.

Spring is a time of renewal, making it the perfect time to take care of some critical maintenance chores around your home. When you are making your spring cleaning list, make sure to include the items on this list to get your home in great shape after the long winter.