How To Help Your Team Of Teachers Through COVID

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COVID continues to throw curveballs and challenges for all of us, especially teachers and those in the education sector. It’s important that team leaders help the team to keep them motivated and support them during these difficult times. So, if you’re a leader, how can you help your team of teachers through COVID? We’ve put a short guide together to enable you to help your team, below.

Clear Structure

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Management should always ensure that their staff has a clear structure to follow, which can be enforced through Teach Kloud school management software or alternative methods, such as establishing a work routine. This can be as flexible as you need it to be to allow your staff to manage other demands in their lives. Agree on management weekly or fortnightly goals for your staff to work towards, which will encourage them to remain motivated and focused.

Always agree on a time for a catch-up, as opposed to just calling out of the blue, as this will help staff to feel less stressed and overwhelmed. It’s also essential that you debrief your team; teachers are currently dealing with difficult and new boundary issues. Therefore, they will need support to reflect on any issues that are noticeable because of changes from COVID.


Things can become unorganized and foggy without purpose and a direct connection with students and teachers. It’s important that you help staff to maintain a clear sense of purpose, including what they are there to do.

Consider talking to them about focusing on how they can support their students to stay connected with the school community and achieving their goals.

Mental Health

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In order to keep everyone well, especially during these times, it’s important that mental health is cared for. As a manager, you need to ensure that you encourage staff to take care of themselves and act as role models for their students. Whether that’s through good nutrition, enough sleep, or limiting social media, there are a number of ways that caring for mental health can be demonstrated and put into practice.

It’s also crucial that your staff allow their students to know that they can express how they are feeling during these weird and uncertain times. Also, reassure them that what they are feeling is perfectly natural and to accept their emotions. They can also help by giving exercises or tips to help them feel better during lockdown and restrictions across the country.


As much as it is important for the students to be looked after and watched over, you need to make sure that your staff is well supported too. Encourage them to come forward and speak to you about any worries they may have or simply express how they currently feel about the situation. You can help them to recognize who they can support, which will create a team of staff that are protecting one another and working together. During this global pandemic, it’s crucial that your staff know that they are supported and can go to people, at the same time as them supporting their colleagues and students.

Hopefully, these top tips will help you to manage your team of teachers through COVID, who in turn will be able to use their skills to care for their students. These are difficult times and it’s important that we all stick together and support one another.

Everyone on Your Team is connected

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I have a solid trust in a genuine “group” and an ongoing visit to my child’s homeroom gave me a genuine “a-ha” second. Upon the board is a rundown of assignments that need to complete each day. Some of them are dreadful assignments, and some of them are. All must be done to make the homeroom run successfully. How does the instructor achieve this? Does she allocate one undertaking again and again to a similar individual just in light of the fact that they are the best at it? Is it accurate to say that one is kid in the class the pioneer constantly? No!

Here is the mystery, educated to me by a kindergarten class. Everybody is an exceptional individual. They all alternate being the extraordinary individual, and thus, they all alternate managing the responsibilities that make the homeroom run well. One day you may be the principal focal point of consideration and will talk the most, share your thoughts, or be at the front of the line, and the following day you will be needed to return the books on the rack or wipe the blackboard.

They energize one another, and in the event that one individual is managed their responsibility before another, they are urged to proceed to help someone else finish their assignment. They all realize that play won’t occur except if they cooperate and complete everything. Likewise, the exceptional individual gets a note home a couple of days prior, revealing to them that they will be the uncommon individual on that day and that they should be readied.

How about we move this to a business thought. Everybody in your group can be a pioneer. There are errands to complete to make the business run well, and all positions are similarly significant. For example, the salesman can go out and sparkle and make an enormous measure of deals, however in the event that the authoritative side doesn’t complete, for example, the invoicing and the accounting, those deals don’t add up to a lot. Everybody needs to cooperate and esteem each other to succeed.

Keep in mind, various individuals will gleam on various days, however, everybody is significant in the group, and everybody has something important to take care of that is as significant as the employment of the following individual. All colleagues sway one another: along these lines helping another complete their assignments or urging them to give a valiant effort, thusly causes you. On top of this, all colleagues have thoughts that are substantial, and all merit the regard of one another. An extraordinary pioneer puts forth a concentrated attempt to give all that they have back to the group, so everybody can thusly put forth a valiant effort.

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One more thing, in contrast to kindergarten, you don’t have the foggiest idea whenever your next opportunity to be an “extraordinary individual” is, so as opposed to setting up a couple of days prior, or trusting that somebody will mention to you what preparing or abilities you should get, you need to step up and make yourself as well as can be expected be, so you are prepared to give your best to your group.