What Kind of Car Should I Rent in Los Angeles?

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There is nothing better than planning a trip, especially if it’s a place you wanted to see that badly, you can’t wait to go there. Planning these trips is exciting, but can be exhausting too, because you need to cover many aspects, including renting a car, being more flexible, and having more freedom. We are sure you want to plan all these things ahead, so you can enjoy the visit completely.

Car rental depends on your particular needs, so no one can say that a van is a right choice, because sometimes a motorcycle can be enough. On the other hand, California is beautiful and when you are already in Los Angeles, you can consider the Pacific Coast Highway adventure, because it really is a must-see. This means you can start your journey here, but then move on to multiple states to experience the world’s best challenge. For your ultimate LA trip, it would be best to rent a sedan, because there is enough space even if you are not traveling alone. With this, you can take your travel gear with you and even have the option of sleeping comfortably if there is no hotel nearby.

Classic transportation options, such as public transportation, are probably not enough when you need to explore Los Angeles in the peripheral parts, as well as learn more about California. However, you come on this trip so that you can explore parts that are unfamiliar to you, rather than being in the same places all the time.

Some visitors consider renting a car at the airport, which is quite good, and you can find more information on https://www.carngo.com/car-rental/usa-los-angeles-airport-lax-under-21.

To choose the type of vehicle you need for your Pacific trip or just for driving around town, we recommend taking the following factors into consideration:

• Does your rental company only operate in California or can you take the car to another state?
• Are you limited to Los Angeles only?
• Can you use a one-way benefit, that is, leave from Los Angeles and leave the car at the representative office in Sacramento?
• How much space do you really need?
• How far will you travel?
• What is the purpose of your trip?

When is car rental a good idea?

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Renting a car is a good idea when in Los Angeles if you are coming from overseas and are unable to bring your own car. In fact, many people enjoy a comfortable trip without focusing on the timetable, so a car is the best idea for them.

When you are flexible and free, you have more time and space to plan your trip. That way you’ll see more places and visit your favorite locations all over California.

Types of cars to rent in the LA

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When looking for the right car to rent for your LA adventure, we have a few suggestions for you, that you may find useful. All these types of cars have different features, so it’s up to you to find out which one would be the best.

1. Sports car

An ideal choice for those who like fast and exciting driving and dynamic movement. Most of these cars are expensive to maintain, so you won’t find many rental companies that use them.

2. Hatchback

This is a four-seat car, which is characterized by the fact that the back is high. This happens to ensure comfort in the car, but also to give priority to cargo volume.

3. Minivan

A minivan is a vehicle that is intended for the transportation of passengers. Usually, at least six passengers can be transported together with the driver. However, the spaciousness allows three (six in total) passengers to ride in the second and third rows, which together with the driver and passenger make eight.

4. Convertible

This is a convertible that has an automatic roof. A really interesting choice for traveling alone or as a couple, so you can enjoy the air, but also have protection if it starts to rain.

5. Pickup trucks

This vehicle comes with an open cargo area, so it can be used to carry a lot of luggage.

Traveling with a pickup truck can provide you with great flexibility. However, car rental companies may not have a large selection of these vehicles.

6. Crossover

This vehicle has the look of a regular sedan but the performance of a sports car. They are ideal if you want fast and efficient driving, with a durable car.

7. Sedan

A sedan is a common car with four seats and three units – engine, passenger compartment, and trunk. For generations, the definition of the sedan has been the same, and many car brands use this designation as a name for a car model.

Other useful tips

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Many experienced drivers will recommend against using soft convertibles for practicality and safety reasons. If you are coming from another state, try to familiarize yourself with the US and California traffic laws. It will help you not to commit serious offenses.

Choose a gearbox that you are used to. If you use an automatic at home, do the same with the rental car. You should be comfortable while riding, not struggling.

From practical things, don’t forget to put together a road trip playlist with your favorite music. Of course, use navigation apps as well, but make sure you have a phone charger, as the battery can drain easily. It is recommended to use a navigator as a separate device.


Choosing your favorite type of rental car depends on your needs as well as your adventure plan. Be practical and choose vehicles that you know and are comfortable driving. Do not try to test approaches that you are not familiar with, as you may get into trouble.

Also, make sure you have all your documents with you, especially your foreign driving license and your passport. This is very important and you have to try not to forget these documents in the hotel or apartment.

We wish you a comfortable trip and a smart choice. Los Angeles is a beautiful city worth exploring. And it is even more worth paying attention to the whole of California, as well as the neighboring states if you have enough time. It is an experience you will never forget.