6 Reasons why are Mobile Farming Games so Addictive

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We all remember when the popular FarmVille first came out years ago, and we could play it using our Facebook profiles, discovering the magic of farming. People who have farms in real life know that the game was not the same as the actual situation, but that didn’t stop the Facebook users to play it every day, harvesting the crops and feeding the animals.

After that, so many gaming companies developed farm-related games, that looked pretty much similar to FarmVille. A lot of games become more or less popular, but one thing is for sure – people still love them and they play games every day, mostly on their mobile devices.

What makes these games so addictive and so popular?

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In 2009, China was living an agricultural revolution. That is not so bad if we don’t mention that the revolution was virtual. The same year they became the leading power in online farming. People were playing a lot of farm-based games. This “revolution” took a global size. Many developers were trying to create better games with more new features, so they can attract these virtual farmers to play their games. A few years later, when people used mostly smartphones, they created mobile applications that the users were downloading from the application stores on their mobile devices.

A lot of games couldn’t be played without a profile on Facebook, but as the Android and iOS apps were developing, they improved the features, and now, the users can play farming games with no need for a Facebook account.

Here are some reasons why people love these games

1. It creates a feeling of responsibility and discipline

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If you don’t harvest your crops in 5-6 hours they will spoil and you will use experience points and virtual coins. If your chicken is too hungry, you will have no eggs to sell. The farming games are motivating the players to be disciplined, so they can get the best product from their farms and earn money. These repeatable tasks are making players spend hours playing the game.

2. There is always something to look forward

Like every other game, farming strategies are created to give you rewards if you finish a task on time. If you rank higher in the tournament, you will unlock a lot of features. You always have something to look for, to pay attention to some task or wait for some crops to grow. You maybe are not aware, but try to count how many times you log in to the game during the day. The result may surprise you.

3. You socialize with your friends

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These games can increase your competition spirits because you will try to be better than your friends all the time. When you are together, you have a lot to talk about the game, and also, you are helping each other to develop your farms and trade goods. So, we can say farming games are good for friendships and professional skills.

4. Reward system attracts more loyal players

People love to be rewarded for their efforts. When you are at work, you appreciate it when your boss recognizes you as a good worker. It’s the same with the game owners. They have a wide range of awards for the most loyal players, motivating them to spend more time playing the farming strategy, or even purchase some deluxe features and buy premium accounts with more and more rewards.

5. New versions and iterations

You may have great results, but if you join another related game, you will get free bonuses and features. If you pass a few levels and gain a minimum of points, you can get back to the first game. Next thing you know, you are jumping from one farming game to another, so you can claim your special rewards and bonuses. It’s interesting for you, and the game owners too because you are spending so much time playing their product. That is their recipe for success.

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6. You don’t like it, but you still play it

Many players claimed that they think the game is boring, but they don’t have an intention to delete it or stop playing for a few days. Some experts think that people want to have control over some things, and knowing that real-life farming is really hard, they are satisfied by building virtual barns and feeding some silly-looking pigs and cows.

Many experts think farming games are bad for the people

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The purpose of the games is to entertain the players. In the past, many experts thought FarmVille and similar games are based on making social obligations. People needed to join Facebook, invite friends, help them, send gifts, publish bonus posts on their profiles, and wait for some task to be finished successfully.

According to the French sociologist Marcel Mauss (Business Insider, 2010), these games are never played for free, because people need to give and receive things, and that obligates them to be polite and good to one another.

The idea behind farming games is to create obligations, routines, and responsibilities that may affect real life. The point of the games is totally different, to entertain and to relax the people. The controversy is still present because many games work the same way.

Can we still find online farming games in 2024?

Of course, you can download plenty of farm-themed games that work similarly to FarmVille. Even FarmVille has some newer versions and people still play them. But, the game is not that popular as it was earlier. There are a lot of similar games that are available in the Play Store and AppStore, that you can download and play on your smartphone.

We can see how so many other games have an equal number of players that are dedicated to their farming results. Some of them are Farm Simulator, Township, Idle Farming Empire, and Hay Day. You can grow crops, raise animals, and build barns. If you are interested in Hay Day, you can check https://www.robomodo.com/hay-day-mod-apk/ to find out how this game is becoming popular and attracts many active players who are into online farming.