Why Students Start Vaping?

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Vaping is a modern trend nowadays. People from all over the world want to taste various e liquids, types of vapes, and other new technologies developed within the vaping industry. Moreover, youth creates some special communities where people can share their interests in vaping and get a piece of advice from more experienced users. The examples of such communities might be found both online and offline.

Firstly, the online world provides you with the opportunity to track your vaping activity by means of a special app, to create homemade personalized e liquids, to contact other vapers, to read scientific articles, and WHO recommendations on how to make your vaping activity safer. Moreover, there also are communities where people can exchange thoughts on how to give up.

Secondly, plenty of online shops exist, where it is easy to buy everything connected to vaping, including the best cannabis vaporizer or CBD itself. Also, there exist special vape shops where one buys all types of vape pens and accessories; and vape cafes where one can try a new vaporizer for dry herb from vapingdaily or bring personal devices and enjoy it in a circle of friends.

Age and vaping

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Experts note the increase of vaping activity among teens and young people. Schoolyards are littered with plastic bottles from e-liquid. Scientists underline the danger of teen vaping (or so-called juuling), which is common nowadays. They claim that the body and brain are in the process of development until the early twenties, making a person more vulnerable to various physical and mental diseases and addictions. Both parents and teachers are deeply concerned about the problem.

The thing with the students is that they are more challenging to control on the contrary to schoolchildren. While pupils spend a lot of time at home and parents can at least smell the nicotine if teens are vaping. In addition, vape shops can limit sales to those who are underage. In fact, vaping devices are on the list of nicotine products by the FDA, limiting pupils’ access to them. However, they can buy even a weed vaporizer online, which makes the Internet even more dangerous for their health.

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Students, when they have moved to campus, feel free to act. They live without older relatives and are easier to get influenced by peers, who are already vaping fans. They often boast their best portable vaporizer online, take it to the parties, and the bravest can even use the best cannabis vaporizer during breaks between lectures. This problem is to be solved not only on the family level but also on the institution’s level. Special rules should be included in college policies, and the penalties should be strict.

The Reasons for a student to vape

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The actual reasons for students to vape are different, but the majority of them are somehow connected to the culture and community they live in. According to the data provided by Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, most of the students (39%) take vaping over friends or family members.

Another great part of the students (31%) tried vaping because the multiplicity of e-liquid flavors attracted them. They say the use of various flavors makes the process more interesting than usual smoking because students do it not just because of nicotine, but also because of interest to try something new.

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The point is that many flavors were recognized to be unhealthy and to cause a list of health issues: mouth and airways irritation or/and inflammation, and cell intoxication. The President of the United States, Donal Trump, has even tried to ban some flavors.
About 20% of the students have answered that their motivation for vaping was caused by the belief that vaping is not as harmful as usual smoking is. It is a very aesthetic point because, previously, it was a common idea that vaping is a healthy alternative to smoking.

Such a belief has had a place in society because the inventor of the modern prototype of the e-cigarette intended to create a device that will help people to both enjoy smoking and avoid health issues such as cancer. The reason is that his dad died from lung cancer triggered by smoking.

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Last but never least is the motivation to study better. It is well known that drugs stimulate activity and help students stay awake longer and be more active during the exam. Since a long time ago, some students try such alternative methods, including drug consumption, but it has never been this easy before.

Some serious scientific research has proven that vaping is not harmless and is also hazardous for the respiratory system and cardiovascular, immune, reproductive, mental, digestive, and other body systems. It is a pity that even the best vape pen cannot guarantee safety.


To sum up, most young people start vaping because they feel free to act irresponsibly and against the rules. Mentally, students understand that they will hardly be somehow punished. The additional point is that there exists a thought that cannabis can boost creativity and concentration. If previously they needed to take pains to get a joint of marijuana, now all they need is a dry herb vaporizer and cbd wax, available in many parts of the United States.