The Ulysses Guide to the Los Angeles River

Showcasing new “currents” in art inspired by the Los Angeles River’s strange yet invigorating presence in the City of Angels, the exhibition will encourage the public to take a closer look and examine the details of the River, from its zoological offerings to its artistic ones, which make it a living representation of Los Angeles culture. The artists in the exhibition are as diverse as the city itself, ranging from established artists such as Charles “Chaz” Bojórquez to emerging artist Rob Sato. Along with framed works, this exhibition boasts site-specific murals, which the artists will paint and draw directly upon the walls of the PMCA space, and an installation that recreates the setting of the LA River along with a few imaginative embellishments. The exhibition is inspired by the book, The Ulysses Guide to the Los Angeles River, by Christopher D. Brand, Evan D. Skrederstu, Steve Martinez, and Matthew Brand.