7 Best Museums in Madrid 2024

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Madrid, the capital of Spain, has been the historical and cultural center of not only Spain but the entire world for centuries. It has had a rich history and the marks of the Samish and world history can even be seen in it. From the ages of the creation of Spain until modern ages, Madrid has been rich in history and that history has been displayed in various museums in Madrid. These museums have been the main tourist attraction for a long time, and we will now see which ones should be visited when in Madrid.

1. El Prado

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This is the museum which should be visited by each and every tourist who comes to Madrid. It also needs to be added that the museum is one of the top destinations in Madrid and that the lines and queues here are really big, so you may need to buy the ticket that allows you to skip the line. It should be noted that this museum actually represents the national gallery of Spain and that the most important and the best art pieces are located here. The collection includes all works that date even back to the 12th century. It needs to be added that the entire museum cannot be visited in only one day.

2. The Reina Sofia

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The purpose of this museum was to exhibit all the most known works of art, i.e. paintings, related to Spain. However, it needs to be added that this museum is mostly based on contemporary art and artists and that the pieces of art from the 20th century are mostly present there. The entire museum has been located in two buildings. The first one has a permanent exhibition while the other building is used for the exhibition of contemporary artists. It should be also mentioned that the entrance is free on Sunday after 1:30 p.m.

3. The Thyssen

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It needs to be added that the museum mostly consists of the works of art that were given by the private collector called Heinrich Freiherr Thyssen-Bornemisza. It should be also mentioned that there are 1500 works of art there from the most notable artist in the world, such as Van Gogh, etc. one of the best things about this museum is that the entrance is free on every Monday from 12 to 4 p.m.

4. The Royal Palace

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This is one of the most monumental buildings in Madrid. The entire design and luxury of it are simply magnificent. The entire palace has the purpose to show what a power Spain used to be and how rich Spanish history is. It would also depict the origins and rule of the Spanish royal house. Even though the palace has been known to be as the official residence of the Spanish monarch, he does not live there and the palace solely has a ceremonial purpose. The entire palace has over 3000 rooms and this makes it be the largest and most grandiose palace in Western Europe. The interior, the furniture, the ornaments and paintings, all these things leave people speeches.

5. The Sorolla

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The entire museum is dedicated to the Spanish painter called Joaquin Sorolla Bastida. Even though he is not one of the most famous painters in the world, his pieces of art are tremendously popular and appreciated in Spain. It should be added that he used to portray life on the beach and this is why his paintings are always bright and light. The entire museum is magnificent due to a nice garden around it which seems like a piece of heaven.

6. The Museum of Romanticism

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If you are the lover of this epoch, then this is the right place for you since it has some of the most famous and known masterpieces from this period, which was dominant in the 19th century. Apart from the astonishing exhibition, there are also a garden and a café to make the stay even more pleasant.

7. CaixaForum

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If you are more into modern art, there is not a better place than this. First of all, the design of the entire building is extraordinary modern and unique. Secondly, there are some of the most known contemporary masterpieces and photography there.