Seven Reasons you Should Add Decorative Concrete to your Home

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Decorative concrete is now a popular way for homeowners to add aesthetics beautification to their properties. One way they achieve this is by producing a distinctive design look with the use of decorative concrete on the driveway and the exterior of their house. Decorative concrete can also add a level of professionalism to any property you may own.

Dull old gray concrete is something of distant memory and can now be converted into a beautiful look and eye-catching design that adds value to the home while being very pocket-friendly. With friendly prices, there is no longer any need to settle.

The toughness and flexibility of decorative concrete design also make it famous for other aspects of a home exterior. Areas such as pool decks, walkways, and patios are only a few areas that can be integrated to improve a property ‘s look. It’s also one of the most practical ways to upgrade your home ‘s entrance and add curb appeal

Below, we shall be looking at five reasons you need to add decorative concrete to your home.

Very swift and cleaner installation

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A concrete overlay can beautify damaged and distressed concrete slabs, which includes a minimum of one month curing time for new cement, thereby preserving you time and saving you the expense of demolition or substitution.

Concrete Craft can restore an old slab and conceal flaws with a unique micro-topping concrete overlay so that with any custom finish you like it looks like new again. You don’t need to break up and replace old concrete with the use of jackhammers or cement trucks, and you would like the resurfacing, which would save you a significant amount of money instead of replacing it.

Aesthetic Appeal

The major advantage of decorative concrete is the artistic and aesthetic appeal that it offers, and the vast number of textures and finishes that you can select from. The choices for visual design are limitless and can match all the different preferences and styles. With the use of sealers, dyes, and stains, the striking visual impact of the colored decorative concrete is formed.

You can add color to the surface by stamping, along with materials that inhibit UV to maintain the color from vanishing in the summer season. Acid staining can also be utilized to add color to the surface; a chemical reaction between the surface and the acid is the process involved to create the desired effect.

Another way to add color to the stamped concrete to improve the surface appearance to something fascinating and inviting home exterior is water-based staining and epoxy staining. Both of these options give any concrete a very luxurious look bringing instant value to any home or property.

Durable and easy to maintain

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The most durable floor you can have is a decorative concrete floor, either indoors or outdoors. Whether it’s a cellar or kitchen, or a pool deck, or an outdoor area, you get an industrial-strength floor that tackles less than 5000 psi of compression pressure, strong enough to survive any temperature or environment. The sealed, robust finishes withstand heat, chipping, scratching, peeling, or stains.

Another benefit is that decorative concrete maintenance is very low and does not trap, mildew, mites mold, dust, or bacteria, but always stay clean to keep the surfaces anew with occasional wet mopping and dust mop.

Very Affordable

One of the fascinating things about decorative concrete that makes it so popular is its low price. Decorative concrete is your number one option if you don’t want to go beyond your budget when carrying out home renovations. It is both attractive and functional and has other benefits, including low maintenance, beauty, and durability. Irrespective of the low-price of decorative concrete, it is incredibly significant for any aesthetic design.

You can experience the pleasure of natural stone in limitless designs and patterns with a decorative concrete overlay for a lower cost. Being that decorative concrete typically runs so fairly priced most people can get away with purchasing this service without ever having to actually save up a penny. This is beneficial because it will improve your home without causing the huge headaches of full home renovations, which can be a pain.

Unlimited design

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One major advantage of loving decorative concrete is its design scope. Since everything is custom-based, you can have any desired pattern, layout, or color. With decorative concrete, design options are literally endless.

The latest advancements in the mixing of concrete and setting, have enabled designers to obtain unlimited color and texture diversity. Once the slab is set, color may be blended in the concrete, or an acid stain may be utilized on the floors’ surface already built.

Decorative concrete with the appropriate pattern and stain can even complement the natural stone. Staining helps the house owner achieve every look they could want and is a chance for the house owner to use designs and patterns to make it more complex.

Overall home value increase

Not only will decorative concrete immediately benefit you and your home but there will also be lasting long term effects that come with it as well. Property value is held in high regard by many people and increasing property value is something everyone should consider. Choosing a high-grade decorative concrete can instantly increase the value of your home by increasing the aesthetic appeal of the home. Be sure to choose your decorative concrete carefully if increasing property value is something you desire. If this is your goal then choosing a more modern style decorative concrete would be the safest bet. And if you’re venturing in the commercial world, transforming your business property would be a great decision. You may visit for more information.

Standing out

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72% of concrete buyers choose original concrete over anything decorative. Simply indulging in decorative concrete will set you apart from your friends, family, and neighbors giving your home the unique refreshing energy that will make everyone enjoy being there.

If you want to learn more about decorative concrete and even see some examples then visit A contractor should always make it their number one goal to bring a unique finish to new houses all around.