6 Modern Marketing Strategies You Must Know

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Marketing by itself, ever since the emergence of the concept and through its development and advancement, has gone through various stages in order to embody itself in the form it has taken today. We all know what its purpose is – to advertise and sell a product or service efficiently, and at the same time, of course, it’s desirable to keep the customer near. Whoever thinks that this is as easy as pie and that the implementation of what we offer is damn difficult and more challenging, should think again.

It’s simple to create something if there are an idea and concept for creation, but what to do when everything’s ready, and the main part is missing? Everything’s thought out to the last detail, everything works, everything functions, you think it has huge potential, but… Where should you find those who’ll actually use and need what you have made?

There comes the problem. That is, it doesn’t have to be a problem – but it’s certainly not a breeze.

It is possible that you have already started exploring the, already spending hours and hours in your armchair or office and surfing the internet in search of a solution. That’s great because that’s how you learn and progress. In order to make your search easier and direct you to the right address, here are a few options that never fail.

1. A great email marketing

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Whoever thinks that email is an outdated solution now in the midst of many other modern methods, aren’t even slightly aware of how wrong they are. A virtual mailbox is something we check every day and where only selected mail arrives. Therefore, it’s basic that, if potential clients have given us enough trust to leave their email address to receive the newsletter, we don’t let their expectations down.

What is essential is the content that won’t force recipients to mark your email as spam. Don’t send unnecessary information – try to have something in each of your messages that they can use themselves. Whether it’s a voucher, a gift voucher, useful tips, giveaway info or any other thing related to the business itself, they should be eager to keep it rather than moving it to the ‘Trash’ folder. And once they realize that your messages are useful to them, they’ll want to receive them even more often and will look forward to them.

Take care of the frequency – you don’t have to stuff their mailboxes with five emails a day. It’s perfectly okay to think and make a smart move, and write when you really have something to say. Another important thing – don’t ‘sound’ like a robot. You can’t talk to clients as if you know their life story, but try to keep the writing tone cheerful, warm and relaxed.

2. Activities on social media networks

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What could nowadays go without social networks? Well, almost nothing! Even older companies and firms with a hundred-year tradition that still operate today have succumbed to modern solutions. They also maintain contact with their clients and customers through this means. Of course, your business doesn’t have to be an exception – try to use all the potential these channels offer.

The point here isn’t just posting absorbing and catchy content, although that’s one of the main things whose realization awaits you. What really matters is mostly communicating with those who follow and support you, which equally includes promoting what you offer, but also answering their queries and providing other types of help.

Multimedia platforms, such as Instagram, increase the range of available resources and push the boundaries within which the possibility of creating good content moves. Whatever social network your page is on, they require being updated regularly and be related exclusively to your business, without shades of personal insinuations.

3. A website that offers everything that clients need

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How many times have you entered a website and immediately regretted it, for various reasons? First, it takes an eternity to load. Secondly, half of the tabs you clicked simply don’t show any information – the page is blank. You can’t see the full range of products. You need the phone number of a company or entrepreneur – but there’s absolutely no contact page? Here, you have a clear example of what every business owner should avoid.

If you are selling a certain type of item, make sure that the price and main characteristics of each one of them, as well as the necessary specifications, are neatly listed, along with pictures. The contact page NEEDS to exist and ideally contains a phone number and additional channels such as email, Facebook page, etc.

Create a special section ‘Testimonials’ in which you’ll post some positive experiences and feedback from previous customers – this will make site visitors stop and read more. All in all, you need to create one complete platform that’ll present what you are trying to advertise in the proper way.

4. Address only to targeted people and groups

It may sound a little harsh but – not everyone needs your services. What’s the purpose of offering hunting equipment to an expert in tailoring? You see what we mean. So, in order to know in which direction to go with promoting what you’re doing, you need to explore who would be potentially interested to hear from you.

Fortunately, the Internet is full of different virtual communities that you can use to reach your target group, and there are also the already mentioned social networks, groups, hashtags and other indicators of interest. All you need to do is find the right way to approach such individuals and show them how much they need your product.

5. Implement content management apps

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We believe that everyone feels best when they create, organize and set up content with their own methods, but everyone needs help at some point, too. If, for example, we pay attention to the mini-comparative analysis made by Kontentino, which compares this service and Hootsuite, we can see the main features of a quality program for organizing content. What an entrepreneur need is a decent interface without too many complications, the ability to place content on multiple channels, mobile optimization, and of course, a reasonable price.

It’s mostly a matter of your taste and preferences, but it’s definitely important to choose the option that would be of the greatest use for exactly what you’re advertising. Some options also concern the types of formats you set, some of them are even limited in terms of the social networks that are supported, so this should be taken into account as well. What’s the use of the program if, for example, it doesn’t support Instagram, and you have the largest number of followers there? Yes… exactly.

6. Surveys, questionnaires, etc.

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Although this seems to be our last point here in the article, we feel a strong need to tell you that it definitely isn’t the least significant one. The opinion of your clients and their feedback is what builds a brand out of you and your product or services. They’re the ones who try them and generate various kinds of suggestions, praises, complaints and comments.

This site must be approached in the right way, the way any serious company does – by listening. Since the channels used in modern marketing today give a lot of space for that, it’s time for you to see the effectiveness of this method yourself.

Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for their opinion. However, everyone will be much more engaged if you prepare an interesting quiz, questionnaire or survey to complete. You can even make a prize game out of it – the possibilities are endless. What really matters is the feedback you get – it’ll give you direction on what to strive for and how to move forward and flourish in your business… and that’s priceless.