5 Innovative Advances in Diabetes Treatments in 2024

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Diabetes represents one of the most common diseases among people in the whole world, and one of the main reasons for that is poor nutrition, too much sugar, and processed food. However, with the advancements in technology and medicine, we can see some improvements in treating and preventing this condition. There are many types of research funded by governments and the World Health Organisation related to finding new and more effective ways to prevent and treat diabetes.

There are three main types of diabetes, and the most common type is Type 2, which can be found in more than 90% of all people with this condition. People who suffer from diabetes have a problem with the production of insulin in their body where blood can’t get enough sugar in cells, which leads to much higher levels of blood sugar. However, many types of medication could help with that process, and you can see some of the most effective tablets for this condition at this site.

Furthermore, with advancements in medicine, there are many innovative ways for the treatment of this sickness. It is very important to find new ways of preventing diabetes because it can lead to many other problems such as nerve damage, eye damage, kidney damage, issues with skin, cardiovascular disease, foot damage, Alzheimer’s, and many more. Here are the most important innovative advances in diabetes treatment in 2024.

1. New Way of Preventing Immune Cells from Attacking Beta Cells

One of the most important discoveries in the field of medicine and healing diabetes is a way to prevent immune cells from killing beta cells that are producing insulin. This process is possible with immunotherapy treatment, and have some very important benefits like the customization of treatment for every particular person with the disease, decreasing the immunosuppression, and other positive effects.  The main reason why people need to use drugs is that body becomes unable to produce insulin. According to this most recent discovery from Dr. Song, suppressing the autoimmunity can significantly increase chances for treating Type 1 diabetes.

2. Treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy

In case that a patient is suffering from neuropathy caused by diabetes, nerves can become damaged and cause pain and some much more serious conditions such as sepsis. Also, neuropathy can hurt the brain and spinal cord. While it is very hard to treat this condition, there are some improvements related to a new method of therapy where molecules are used to prevent neuropathy, especially the type that is affecting the brain.

3. Identifying the Cause of Type 1 Diabetes

The main issue with type 1 diabetes is that our body starts to attack beta-cells that are producing insulin, which leads to a lack of this hormone and many other possible issues. However, various drugs and injections allow patients to have a normal life by leveling this hormone in the body. On the other hand, it is very important to understand and discover what is causing our body to treat beta-cells as foreign bodies. We can see great advancements in this field in recent years, where scientists are researching the possibility to avoid suppressing the immune system and start using immunoglobin as a way to protect the hormone-producing cells.

4. New Types of Medicine

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Along with the discoveries related to finding new ways to prevent and understand what is causing diabetes, there are also new types of medicine that will help people with this condition by preventing any side-effects and issues that this disease can cause. When it comes to drugs, there are three new and effective types of tablets, called Semaglutide, Glucagon, and Liraglutide. What’s common for these drugs is that all of them are most effective in treating Type 2 diabetes.

Semaglutide is a type of oral medication based on glucagon. However, this drug is not recommended for an introductory treatment. Also, you should use it a half-hour before a meal or any beverage. You should take 3 mg in the first month, and increase the dose to 7 mg after that. Glucagon is a great alternative to injections, and this medicine is in the form of nasal powder. Moreover, this medicine is available for all people that are older than 4. However, you should be aware of some potential side-effects like headaches, eye redness, vomiting, and more. Liraglutide is for people older than 10, and it is best for type 2 diabetes.

5. Stimulating Younger Generations to Have a Proper Nutrition Plan

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One of the most important studies related to diabetes is that the main factor that is causing it lies in the nutrition of people, especially younger generations. The main cause of type 2 diabetes is fast food, processed meat, and sugar in beverages. The lack of psychical activity can have negative effects as well. In that matter, the best way to prevent diabetes is to teach children to have a healthier diet and to exercise more.

6.  New Technologies

Patients are in need to always measure their sugar blood levels, along with the blood pressure, and more. In that matter, having a proper device is crucial for a fast reaction in case the state of a diseased person becomes more serious. One of the most recent discoveries is a device that is monitoring glucose, and the patient can be alerted in time in case that levels of it become too high. Besides that, we can see great advancements in other devices that became much faster and lighter to carry around.

The Bottom Line

Diabetes represents one of the main problems in our society, and medicine and science are a good way to find a solution for preventing people to develop this condition. On the other side, with new types of medicine, people who are already suffering from any type of diabetes are more likely to live a normal life without any side-effects. When it comes to prevention, the best way for that is to educate young people and teach them about the importance of having a healthy diet and exercising regularly.