How To Find Your Lost Android Phone & Get It Back As Fast As Possible


Your Android devices are one of the most valuable things you have. They contain all the important contacts and information. If you lose your phone – you will lose all those sweet memories with photos and videos. However, maybe there is a solution?

Today, Android Phones Are Necessity – Not Luxury


The world technology and the industry of smartphones and android platforms are releasing better and more expensive mobile devices almost every day. Well-known companies are racing in a huge market to attract as many new users as possible with their models. Owning Android phones is no longer a luxury. Today it is a reality and an everyday need. With these devices, you almost don’t have to own a laptop or a stable computer because, with the help of smartphones, you can do literally everything – from accessing the Internet, through games, to paying bills. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find yourself in trouble. The biggest advantage of smartphones is also their biggest drawback. It is their portability and relatively small size.

What If You Lose Your Android?

Losing a phone is something that happens very often. So what to do if you accidentally lose, forget – or someone steals your android phone? The fact that you are financially at a loss can be compensated, but what you have left in your Android phone – you can’t compensate! Today, we keep almost all data on our phones: From contacts or pictures dear to you, through reminders – to credit card numbers or other confidential information. If you have not deposited this information elsewhere – you may find yourself in an unenviable situation. So it’s no surprise if you’re in a panic when you lose your android phone. However, we ask ourselves: Is there a solution to this problem and how to track down a lost Android phone as soon as possible?

Can We Track Our Android If We Lost It?


Whether they are used only for private or business purposes – Android phones are definitely one of the valuable things you own. Many individuals even treat androids like children. If you have lost your phone or tablet, you will lose all those important and dear memories with photos and videos. This can also be an especially sensitive situation if you lost a business Android phone with all important or confidential information. However, don’t immediately despair if you lose it. Maybe a solution is still possible. We also have some good news for Android users. You can find or at least find out where your phone is – + with or without using the android app. As the production of android smartphones and tablets develops and progresses – ways and solutions are now being sought to find them if they are lost or stolen.

Can We Find A Missing Android?

When you have an Android phone or tablet, you have probably chosen the best one for you from many mobile operators. In addition to the standard services and packages offered by operators – you can also buy or download various applications from secure sites with your Android. But you need to know that if you are in some way insured through a mobile operator for some things like breakdowns, bad battery, etc. – you still have to take care of some situations yourself. This also means that you should beware of losing your android phone. Still, these situations do happen, even more often than we think. However, with some of the tips and today’s technological possibilities – you can try to find an adequate solution and solve the problem of phone loss.

How To Find Lost Android As Soon As Possible?


1. Preventive Measures

To prevent things like stealing or losing your Android phone – there are some things you need to do as a preventive measure. First of all, since most Android users use the Internet and various applications – we assume that you already have certain apps installed. They must be active for the device to be monitored. This is sometimes very useful not only because of the phone – but also when you want to know the location of a person from your environment. For example, if you want to know the movement of your child when coming from school and the like. However, when the phone is lost, the question arises – how to find it? The first and foremost thing to know is that each mobile device has its own number and name and it usually stands on the back of your device. You may not be overly interested in this – but it would be desirable to either write down that number and name somewhere or just remember it. If you are unable to find it, launch a specific application on the email – and when the number comes out keep it safe because it is your first guideline in case you lost the phone.

2. Use Online Services To Help You Track The Phone By Number


It would be very wise to immediately install the necessary applications and services for your security when buying a phone. Of course, there are also web services that can help you find a lost device. One of the reliable online services is – which helps you locate your android by your phone number. Always make sure that when you use applications, they are from trusted and verified sites. Then you won’t have any additional problems looking for any model or type of phone.

3. Google Account And Android Device Manager

Another very important way to secure your phone is to use a google account tracking application. Various security options are free and easy to use. Software installation is simple when you download it. Wait for the software to activate – and then send the word “locating” via SMS, and the map will be on your google account so you will know exactly where your device is at that moment. This can save you if you do not have the number and exact name and tag of your android.

4. Always Activated Applications And GPS


One of the key things is that your android is always connected to the internet and that security applications and GPS are always activated. If you have activated these apps, even if you accidentally forget your phone, for example in the office, at home, or in a cafe – you can immediately find and locate it without any difficulties. You should constantly use one particular application – and check for its upgrades. You don’t need to use more than one such app because they are mostly made on the same principle – so if you use them at the same time, unforeseen errors can occur. This will definitely not speed up the process of searching for your lost android.


Although Android phones are powerful things in technology, we believe that you also have a home computer – which is very useful. It would be wise for your phone to always be connected to your computer. That way, in case of a loss or theft – you can easily activate via a stable computer and locate your android. It is very important that you primarily have certain information about your Android phone and prior knowledge for its use. When you know this, then using and installing additional applications will be much easier for you. What is important to have before all the fun and chat apps – are security applications. They will at least partially insure you against the loss and possible theft of your android – and help you locate the lost device more easily.