All You Must Know About Turkish Towels

Turkish towels are big, flat towels that were used in Turkish baths in the past. You must be wondering what makes them so different from others? Well, they can soak up a lot of water and dry very quickly. You can use them in many different ways and they don’t take up much space.

How Did These Towels Come Into Existence?

Turkish towels have been used in hammams, which are traditional Turkish baths, for hundreds of years and still are. If you go to a Turkish bathhouse, you’ll probably only wear a Turkish towel while you bathe and scrub. People around the Mediterranean rediscovered them, and they are now very popular and are commonly used by people at home, on the beach, and even on sailboats because they don’t take up much space and stay dry even in humid places.

How To Use These Towels?

They soak up a lot of liquid, are light and easy to carry, dry quickly, and always smell clean, which makes them great for everyday use. People also use them as shawls, scarves, and blankets, in addition to using them as towels.  You can use a Turkish towel on the beach right after you get out of the shower.

What’s The Difference Between A Turkish Towel And A Regular Terry Towel?

Because they are flat-woven, light, and thin, Turkish towels dry much faster than regular cotton terry towels. They are usually 80 inches by 40 inches whereas a thick terry cloth towel takes up a lot more space than a thin Turkish towel.

Turkish cotton is like Egyptian cotton. Both have extra-long fibers that make the cotton stronger, smoother, and with fewer places where the fibers meet. Egyptian cotton towels are well-known for how well they soak up water. But the towel can stay wet after use. In humid places, towels that soak up too much water may stay wet for longer. Turkish cotton towels can soak up a lot of water, but they can also dry things quickly.

Why Buy Turkish Towels?

These items are much in demand because of the great benefits they provide. Some of them are mentioned as below:

1. Very Soft, Fluffy, And Feels Good On The Skin.


There’s nothing like being wrapped up in a soft, warm hotel towel. With a Turkish towel, you can treat your guests like the VIPs they want and deserve to be.

2. Design Options

There are different kinds of Turkish towels to choose from, depending on whether you want a traditional, luxurious look or something that’s easier on the eyes.Turkish towels come in a wide range of colors and shades, from muted and neutral to bright.

3. They Last Long

People are often surprised by how durable a Turkish towel is, given how soft and smooth it feels. These towels are less likely to tear because they are made of long fibers that don’t need to be joined as much when they are woven.

4. Excellent Quality

Turkish towels are made of long cotton fibers that get fluffier and softer with each wash. After being used and cleaned over and over, their texture gets better, they sit better on the skin, and their absorbency doesn’t change.

5. Absorbent And Quick To Dry.

On top of being soft and fluffy, another great thing about Turkish towels is that they can absorb a lot of water and dry quickly. This keeps them from getting that weird, annoying towel smell that we all know.

Turkish cotton possesses a good amount of absorbency. Unlike Egyptian cotton, which can soak up too much water, Turkish cotton wicks water away from the body and dries quickly. This makes it less likely that mildew will grow, which is what makes that awful smell.

Are Turkish Towels Good For The Environment?

Yes. Turkish towels are very light and they use much less material and energy to make than regular terry cloth towels. They dry faster after being used, so they don’t smell musty. As a result, you need not wash them as often. If you are also looking for Turkish Towels, check them out at

Should I Use Fabric Softener?

No. Fabric softener creates a layer on the item that coats the absorbent cotton. It may feel soft and nice at first, this film will make your towel less absorbent over time. The good thing is that these items get softer and more absorbent the more you use it, as long as you don’t use fabric softener in the wash.

How To Buy Premium Towels?

With so many options available in the market, finding premium quality towels is quite a daunting task. You need to be aware of a few factors before you start looking for premium quality items. The highest quality towels are hand loomed in Turkey from 100% Turkish cotton. Finding a towel made from 100 percent cotton is the most significant feature. Also, you need to ensure that the size of the towel suits your requirements.

There are various types of towels out there in the market. Different sizes serve different purposes. You need to choose one that suits your purpose. Also, fix a budget and try not to overspend.  Since these items are quite in demand these days, they are quite costly. Thus, look for something that comes in your budget. Also remember that you can’t have an absorbent, lightweight, thin, and quick-drying towel unless the fibers are long enough.


Mostly, these items are used at the beach. It is the best thing to wear to the beach because it doesn’t get sand in it and dries quickly. Also, it’s easy to pack because it’s small and has thin sheets that can be folded.

Girls wear them as stylish sarongs because they are so comfortable. Just wrap and tuck around the waist. It looks like a trendy skirt. Girls would love wearing it around their upper bodies back and front, then tucking it in to make it look like a lovely long dress on the beach