Beyond the Basics ─ Advanced UTV Maintenance Techniques for Enthusiasts


There is no better way to spend your free time than spending it outdoors, and while in nature, why not spice things up with an offroad journey? That’s where UTV steps in as one of the most popular vehicles because the unique and special vibe, combined with an adrenaline rush that comes while driving it, is something that you cannot compare to anything else.

Driving the UTV is the best way to explore some less accessible places and experience the real adrenaline boost, but before you decide to buy one, it is crucial to learn how to properly maintain it, as it is the only way to prolong its life.

One of the most important things is to use high-quality spare parts when you need to replace any of them, and if you do not know which of them to use, Polaris UTV parts are one of the best choices. But, besides that, it is always good to know some maintenance tips, and we will focus on them more in the text below.

Regular Check of Air Filter


The air filter is an important part of every vehicle, and UTV is not an exception. Namely, UTV vehicles probably require more regular air filter checks because of the conditions in which they are driven. Dirt and debris can easily clog this filter, disable the airflow, and reduce the performance of the engine, or, in the worst case, completely stop its operation. Of course, much time and negligence are needed to get to this point, but even forgetting to clean the air filter once a month can cause many problems.

Because of that, it is crucial to check the air filter regularly and replace it when it seems too dirty since, in that way, you will prolong the engine’s life and improve its performance. If it does not seem too dirty, you might try cleaning it with an air gun and postpone its change for a while, but always check the user manual to know when it is time to stop cleaning it and replace it.

Luckily, even if one forgets to clean the air filter, there are certain changes in the UTV performance and behavior while riding it that will be a clear indicator that cleaning it is a must, which is yet another reason why this shouldn’t be something one will easily forget.

Don’t Forget the Coolant


We can all agree that we simply forget to do or check certain things on our UTV, and coolant level and condition are high on that list. Namely, we often overlook the importance of coolant, which shouldn’t be the case, especially when we know the role and importance of the coolant for the performance of our UTV. Now, even though the coolant reservoir is, in most cases, placed so that noticing it is not that easy, or at least not something you will see right away, that doesn’t mean that checking its condition shouldn’t be on your list.

The best way to keep your UTV in optimal shape is by checking the condition of the fluid, and in case there is slime or sludge, it’s a clear sign that you should change it. Even after the “inspection,” many people delay changing it, but this fluid is of vast importance as its purpose is to provide optimal cooling to the vehicle. That is why once you notice debris clogging the coolant passages, make sure to clean and change the fluid so that your UTV can once again be at the optimal level.

Wash the Exterior

Many people focus just on the engine, brakes, and other systems necessary for a vehicle’s perfect operation, but they usually forget how important it is to pay attention to the exterior. UTVs are off-road vehicles, so it is not a surprise they get pretty dirty after the ride, and it is never a good idea to leave them in that condition for a long time. Instead of that, they should be washed after every ride to avoid rust and contamination, which can be pretty challenging to get rid of. It is a boring part of owning the UTV, but it must be done if you want to enjoy many rides, so we highly recommend not to skip this part.

The best way to clean the UTV is to scrap the mud and debris before washing it with a combination of mild soap and lukewarm water. Rinsing and drying it is the last step, but you can always polish it after that and add an extra layer of protection from extreme outdoor conditions. Keep in mind that you use UTV for enjoying the offroad in most cases, meaning that much dirt and debris will gather on the UTV, which makes regularly washing it simply a must.

Check the Oil Level and Replace the Oil Filter


Just like the fuel, the oil also has a tremendous role in the performance of any vehicle, meaning that one should always check the oil level in the UTV and change it on a regular basis. Although low oil levels can cause the engine to stop working and result in very expensive repairs, many people simply overlook that and forget to check. In order to avoid spending a lot of money on repairs or even buying a new engine, it is always best to check oil levels before every ride and make it a routine.

Avoid adding oil without checking its level first, as too much oil can also cause serious problems and make the engine extremely hot. Another important thing is to change the oil filter regularly, as it gets pretty greasy over time and reduces the engine performance. The best way to know when it is time to change it is to check the manual and keep records about every filter change. This can make the entire oil-changing process much easier, even for those with a lack of experience or those who are simply not that familiar with how often to check and change the oil.