5 Best Alternatives to LovelyWholesale for Dropshipping in 2024

Image source: thebalancesmb.com

It is becoming quite obvious that dropshipping is one of the best ways to open up an online store. Thanks to big platforms such as LovelyWholesale, Shopify, and others. Currently, a lot of people are jumping on the LovelyWholesale bandwagon and buying all kinds of clothing, accessories, and jewelry for a fraction of the original price. Where’s the catch. Well, that’s the thing. There isn’t one. Dropshipping makes a lot of products, especially ones related to clothing cheaper. But, what if I told you there is an alternative to LovelyWholesale in 2024?

You are probably thinking: “There is no way there are websites out there that are even cheaper. It’s probably a scam.” You would be right to think that way. Anything that is too good to be true usually isn’t true. It is very important to be careful when shopping on the Internet.

However, after extensive research on this topic, I have found several legitimate alternatives that offer quality items in huge quantities. It is up to you to decide which one you should use in 2024.


You can’t make a list of dropshipping websites without adding Aliexpress to it. It is one of the most popular online stores in the entire world and for a good reason. It is based in China and it is owned by the Alibaba Group, but that shouldn’t deter you away from it. China is great for hosting these kinds of products and safely delivering products from one side of the planet, to the other. In fact, LovelyWholesale is also based in China. Keep that in mind.

Why should you use Aliexpress? Well, considering that it is one of the biggest online stores in the world, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Whatever you need, you will find it on this site. And when you do manage to find what you are looking for, it is going to be cheap most of the time. Of course, too cheap can also mean that the product is of very low quality. Don’t forget that.

The biggest disadvantage to using Aliexpress is the awfully slow delivery time. If you go with the free or cheapest one to five dollar shipping, you will need to wait anywhere between 30 to 90 days. That’s three months. Naturally, there is an option for faster, more expensive shipping, but that can cost up to $100.


We all know how frustrating it can be when you do not get your item on time. But, mistakes and errors do happen which is why certain items can get stuck or lost during transportation. When this happens, you need to be informed and compensated. Either with funds or a product of the same value.

Fortunately, a wholesale platform such as GoTen offers great live support chat for anyone that is having trouble. Keep in mind that their support specializes in dropshipping partners. So, if you plan on purchasing in large quantities for your business/online store you should be looking at GoTen.

Users also claim free and fast shipping which is always a huge plus. The average delivery time is somewhere between 2 to 7 days. So, I guess it is safe to say if you are looking for websites like lovelywholesale, you should definitely check out this website. You won’t be disappointed by their quality and profitable SKUs.


For those that are looking for large product offers, you should definitely check out LightInTheBox. This platform is claiming that they offer over 500,000 different SKUs that are always available on sale and I believe them. I went through the website, through all the different categories and I found a lot of stuff in stock.

One of their most popular categories is home & garden, phones & accessories, and toys & hobbies. But, even if you are not interested in those categories, there are still thousands of products in all the other categories.

In LightInTheBox you can find anything from clothing, electronics, jewelry, shoes, lighting, computers, consoles, car parts, etc.

Keep in mind, I cannot claim that this kind of website offers quality products. Usually, companies that work in quantity do not focus too much on the quality of their items. So, be careful what you order or what kind of items you try to sell on your online store.


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Finding cheap consumer electronics, accessories for phones, computers, consoles, etc. is impossible. Usually, these things cost a fortune. Buying stuff as simple as a phone charger can cost well over $20. That is simply too much.

Fortunately, websites such as GearBest exist that aim to dropship all kinds of tech and gear. If you hop on this website, you will be greeted with tons of affordable tech.

Currently, you probably know that wireless earphones are quite trendy but are also very expensive. Everyone wants to get their hands on the new AirPods Pro. They can’t because those things cost well over $200. Thankfully, there are alternatives that you can find on GearBest that are affordable while offering the same features and have similar quality.

I’m not sure whether GearBest is the optimal place for purchasing such electronics, but it is probably one of the better options out there.


If all of these alternatives above do not work out for you, but you like the Aliexpress concept or style, maybe you should check out DHGate. It has a very similar user interface and it’s almost the same in design. You can easily find products from all price ranges. So, whether you are in need of a phone charging cable or sportswear, you will find it.

I’ve also noticed there are often sales and discounts on certain categories. Stay up-to-date with those discounts to save some serious money.


There are probably dozens of other dropshipping alternatives to LovelyWholesale, but after extensive research, it is obvious that the one I listed above are some of the best ones. Make sure to give them a test and see which one works best for your needs or for your company’s needs.