6 Reasons Why You Should Have an Annual Chimney Inspection

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Having a kitchen chimney or fireplace is quite common in many houses across the globe. After installing, it needs cleaning and maintenance to work and keep you safe from hazards. Nowadays, people do not have enough time to remember important dates for cleaning and maintaining the chimney.

It is okay if you go for the inspection once a year. You should at least think of the inspection once to protect yourself. Many companies like AllProsNJ provide services regarding cleaning inspection and cleaning. You need to call them and book an appointment for the inspection.

These companies can reach your site and check any problem quickly. If you are scared of spending money on house repairs, health insurance, etc., you should take this step. In the following write-up, we will discuss some reasons why you should have an annual chimney inspection.

A Hazard can Happen Due to Dirty Chimney

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The fireplace or any wood-burning stove burns wood and releases many by-products during combustion. It includes water vapors, smoke, tar, gases, unburned particles of wood, hydrocarbon, minerals, etc. The residue sticks in the chimney, which can be very harmful to one’s health.

There is a substance known as Creosote, which is highly combustible. If it sticks in a high quantity, then it can cause a fire. Your entire house can catch fire, and cleaning will be the reason behind it.

Leaking of Carbon Monoxide

A person can kill if he inhales carbon monoxide gas. Many people do not know that it becomes a reason for the death of many individuals. These people do not know about the problems that can occur while burning fuels, fireplaces, or stoves.

The gas carbon monoxide releases whenever you burn any oil, charcoal, wood, etc. If your chimney is not functioning, then the levels can increase. It is an odorless gas, which keeps on blocking the chimney. It blocks the vents and starts leaking inside the house.

Many people place detectors to know about the release of carbon monoxide, but anyone without it is unaware of leaking. The annual inspection is crucial to prevent the leakage of this dangerous gas.

Chimney Damage is Possible Due to Weather

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If you stay at a place with high winds, it can be dangerous for the chimney structure. Strong winds can lead to malfunction. The excess of rain and snow can also damage the masonry and stone. The storms can bring leaves, debris, and twigs inside the chimney, and hence, it can block it.

Instead of leaving smoke outside the house, it will release inside the house. You need to spend money on repairs or reconstruction. With the help of an annual inspection, the damage can be observed easily. If you know about the damage in the beginning, then you do not have to spend much.

Blockage Due to Nests

Many small birds and animals can create homes or nests inside or close to your chimney. These nests will lead to blockage and damage. The accumulation of the residue can be the reason for the leakage of carbon monoxide.

The annual inspection helps in detecting the presence of nests. It is crucial to remove these homes from the passage to protect you and your house.

Detection of Damaging Parts that are Invisible by Naked Eyes

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If regular repairs or maintenance takes place in your chimney, many small damaging parts get replaced. It is hard to detect those parts that can damage the functioning of the smoke outlet. With regular repairs, you can prevent fires and leakage of harmful gases.

As a homeowner, you cannot check these parts and hence, keep your house in danger. You have to call a professional for the inspection. There are some components that a professional can check if it is damaged or not.

  • Crown: There is a component that is made up of stone or concrete. It lies in the downward direction and keeps the water away to avoid erosion. If it is exposed to harsh weather, it can be cracked. The rainwater will come into the chimney, and hence, it leads to damage. It can degrade the material of the flue liner. It needs replacement or repairs before it makes things worse.
  • Flue Liner: It is a small metal, ceramic, or clay part which is located inside the walls of the chimneys and the flue. It helps in protecting it from corrosion. It helps in passing the gas outside your house. If there is any crack in the liner, then it can damage the walls. The cracks can happen due to wear and tear or excessive heat. In severe cases, carbon monoxide can also leak.
  • Masonry: If your chimney is made up of bricks, its material can contract or expand due to porous material. It can happen due to change in weather. It can ruin the entire structure and affect the functioning of the chimney. You need to call a professional for masonry repairs.

Improving the Efficiency of the Chimney

If you want to make your chimney long-lasting, then you have to take care of regular maintenance. It is crucial to improve efficiency by at least an annual inspection.

The professional team checks all the faults on time and correct them before any severe damage happens. Like everything in your house, it also needs high maintenance. When you focus on improving efficiency, you will not get many issues to deal with it.

The Bottom Line

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Every person is concerned about his house. Like other things, the chimney is also vital to maintain to avoid fires or any severe damage. Many people ignore cleaning and keep their chimneys in the same condition for a long time.

With time, many factors like weather, animals, residue, or dirt start affecting its efficiency. It is necessary to go through all the reasons mentioned above. You should know why it is a must to have an annual inspection of your chimney. Proper maintenance will make it long-lasting and prevent hazards.