Baby Crib Safety Tips That You Must Know – 2024 Guide


Keeping the best care of their kids is the dream of every parent. However, only those can ensure the maximum safety of the kids who take proper measures. One of the most important steps in ensuring baby protection is providing a proper crib to the baby. Sleep is essential in the development of your kids. Some parents don’t even buy a crib because they think it is not safe for their kids. But those who have bought baby cribs don’t know about the proper safety guidelines. Keep reading this article to find out the crib safety tips.

Buying A Used Crib

There might be several reasons why you might to looking to buy a used crib. But there are several reasons why you should never rely on a used crib. For starters, stay away from any heirloom cribs. They might look good and make you feel that you are welcoming your baby to your family, but lead paint on these cribs can prove toxic for your kid.


Apart from this, there is a strong chance that an older crib has a drop-side which has proven fatal for many babies. Moreover, there are some cuts usually found in older cribs that can bring harm to your kid. Always rely on new baby furniture from Incy Interiors – Baby Furniture Store for maximum security and comfort.

Slat Spacing

One of the things that you must check in a baby crib is the spacing between slats. A general rule is that the spacing must not be more than 6 cm. If it is more than that, the crib is unsafe for the baby, and you should return it immediately. Another way to check the spacing is by putting a soda can between the spacing.


The spacing is unsafe if you can insert one between 2 slats. The reason why widely-spaced slating is unsafe is that your kid might end up getting their hand or feet stuck in the slat, a painful experience you will never prefer for your kid. As mentioned earlier, you should stay away from older cribs as they have more slat spacing than the newer ones.

Paint On The Crib

Most customers want cribs that are colorful and fit nicely with the theme of the baby room. However, you should keep in mind that paint is extremely toxic for babies. Toddlers are more active when it comes to touching and probing different things. It may enter the digestive system of your baby and produce serious trouble if you are not watchful. Therefore, before buying any crib, make sure that the paint on the crib is not peeling. Peeling paint is one of the common issues with many old cribs.

The Splinters

Most cribs are made of wood or plastic. Several safety problems might arise if you do not take a closer look at your baby’s crib. For example, there can be any rough edges on a wooden crib, a common problem. There may be some exposed nails or screws in cribs that can cause bruises or serious injury to the babies. Cracks in the cribs can also lead to their breakage in no time. As a crib buyer, you should only rely on a seller who checks the cribs thoroughly and ensures no problems with them. Furthermore, make sure that you check the cribs yourself after buying them.


Decorations Are Not Good

Parents think that putting decorations on the crib can help their babies feel good and enjoy their time in the crib. While this may seem true from common logic, there are some hazards that you should remember before putting decorations in the crib of your baby. Ribbons are a common element that many parents put in the crib. However, given babies’ curious nature, they might end up putting the ribbons in their mouths. Ribbons can cause choking and severe consequences. The same is true for any plastic-made decorative items. Remember that safety comes first, so avoid using any unnecessary decorative items.

Avoid Extra Clothing

A common mistake most parents make is stuffing the crib of their babies with extra clothing. They throw on extra puffy blankets, pillows, and loose fabric as if the baby can handle all these things. Remember that babies can suffocate if their face gets covered with a pillow or a blanket. Instead, only put a nicely-fitted sheet that covers the matters and avoid anything else. And don’t think that keeping your baby stuffed in more clothes is a good idea. Go with only the necessary clothes according to the weather and room temperature. Let them breathe!

The Crib Bumpers

Crib bumpers are often apparent in various advertisements, and parents believe that they are important for their baby’s security. However, the truth is that they can give more harm than good. The babies rarely bump into railings, and the railings don’t hurt at all. But the bumper can cause severe suffocation or even injury if your baby bumps the head against it. Your kid can end up rebreathing their breath, which can prove to be fatal. So make sure that there no bumpers in your baby’s crib.


Sleep Positioners

Who wants that their baby doesn’t sleep the right way? To cater to this problem, there are various baby positioners available in the market advertised to keep the baby in the right sleeping shape. However, ask an expert, and you will find out that they are not helpful for the kids. There is no sleep positioner available in the market that can help kids sleep on their back properly. In continuation to the point made above, avoid stuffing your baby’s crib from any of such items.

The Mattress

There are several components in the baby crib that support the mattress. These supports can bend, break or even come apart over time. As a vigilant parent, you must ensure that mattress supports are not out of order. Although you can schedule a regular checking of the crib, the easy way of checking these supports is when you are changing the sheet on your baby crib. This way, you can check whether the mattress is in the right place or not.