Is Being a Model Hard Work? – 2024 Guide

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In this day and age, the word modeling has been beaten to death since everybody and your uncle refers to them as models. You have Instagram models, Tik tok models, Facebook models (now not so much but still)… But the truth of the matter is you’ll only be regarded as a model if you get hired by a client and get paid for your modeling services.
This is what separates “real” models from those self-proclaimed ones.

According to, there are two modeling routes you can take:

  • Freelancing – being a freelance model is good since you will get to keep the largest chunk of money for yourself. But this comes as a cost, as finding clients (especially if you are just starting out), can be an incredibly difficult and challenging task
  • Working for an agency – this means more jobs for you but you will get less money overall

Whichever route you choose, know that you’ll have your work cut out for you as being a model is not a “walk in the park”. To make it to the top, you’ll have to start out early (most models book their first photo shooting jobs in their early teens), be persistent and climb one set at a time.

Once you are at the top and enter the supermodel realm, things change drastically as you now become someone people approach and ask to hire.

What Does It Mean To Be A Model

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Just like we said before, you become regarded as a model once you start getting paid for the shows you start doing. But what does this type of life entail?

First of all, you’ll need to develop thick skin… and I’m talking huge, thick elephant skin as this line of work is filled with rejections of all sorts. If you are not mentally prepared for it, it may even take a toll on your mental health. Imagine walking up to an audition after months (even years) of prep work, grueling exercises to keep your body in good shape, countless facials and mani-pedis only to be told you are not pretty enough…

This is why you need to learn how to take and deal with rejections the right way.

Being Dynamic and Flexible

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When we look at the lifestyle of a model, we only see glitz and glamour, but there is much more than meets the eye. Click here to read more about the reality about being stylish.

The biggest problem with aspiring models is the pay is wildly inconsistent. One month you might be rolling in the dough, while in the next you barely make ends meet. And this is what turns most people away. Even if you get a job at, say McDonalds, you know when you’ll be getting your pay and how much it will be, so you can plan ahead what to do with that money.

When you are a model, you don’t have this luxury. So, what do you do? Well, if you are smart you will be living below your means and try to anticipate those bad times… For how long, I can already see you asking? Sadly, nobody knows… probably by the time you get the big break that propels you to the stratosphere. But it may take years till you reach that stardom, `till then you’ll need to grind!

Modeling Is Not For Everyone

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Millions of people tried their luck in the modeling world… many of them failed. Why? They simply weren’t cut out for this lifestyle. There is just too much insecurity and blind faith. And after a couple years, it can wear you out.

Others lack persistence. When we look at these fashion shows and these beautiful people walking up and down the runways, we think the world is given to them on a silver platter, that all that it takes is a pretty face and you are in.

But the reality is far from it. Statistically speaking, there are millions of these so-called pretty faces. The important question here is what sets you apart. In that sea of pretty faces, you need to stand out, offer something different in hopes it will get you that gig.
And how do you do that? Of course, you can’t alter your physiology but you can practice persistence, never give up and convince yourself, your next job is just around the corner. This is the mindset of a winner and will definitely allow you to reach your goal.

How Much Will You Get Paid?

The million-dollar question… when will I get my millions?!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you most likely won’t. Those that do are so rare and far apart, it’s better just to accept this fact and try to set yourself a realistic goal. This way, when you get your $300 paycheck, you won’t be disappointed as much.

So, how much will they pay you?

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If you re just starting out, you will probably be booked by days (so you can be on the set as long as it takes). As for the rate, it will largely depend on circumstances that are outside of your control – the budget, the time frame and the scope of work.

The trick is to move past this initial phase and start making a demand for yourself that allows you to set the rules for yourself and determine the price you want others to pay you for your time! This is where the magic happens.

As long as you depend on others to tell you how much you are worth, you’ll continue to struggle.

Is It Worth It?

After all is said and done, some of you might be wondering if pursuing a modeling career is even worth it.

Well, nobody can answer that question but you. Are you willing to go through it all – to break through rejection after rejection, to ignore those telling you you are not good enough and you’ll never make it as a model. If you’ve got such strength of character, I say go for it, take a shot at your dream, be willing to pay the price and work hard!