4 Important Steps To Take After A Car Accident – 2020 Legal Guide

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Unfortunately, car accidents happen every day. Road safety is sometimes poor. Drivers also contribute to the overall safety situation, but it is often the case that poor signage and bad roads are the cause of car accidents. If you have not concealed a car accident, you are entitled to damage compensations. That implies both, material and intangible damage compensation. But how to exercise these rights? We will show you in our legal guide for 2020.

Car Collisions Happen Often

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Your commute to work or going for a road trip can turn into a nightmare if someone just scratches your car. Not to mention the consequences of a more serious accident – which can be very serious. For example, what if someone hits you with a vehicle and causes you large material damage? Or if the driver who runs into you – run away? Or if you get hit by an unregistered car and suffer injuries and great stress? What is the procedure then? Who shall we contact, and who to call?

Making Arrangements Can Cost You A Lot

Most people don’t even think about what risks and problems are possible and how to deal with them before embarking on the journey. For starters, you need to be insured. Make sure your documents are valid in the country you are traveling to – or you no longer need it. In European countries, in case of an accident – a European traffic accident report is a great help. However, our advice is that in case of an accident, you should avoid making any arrangements or agreements – and to call the police immediately.

Important Steps To Take After A Car Accident

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Of course, you must also be prepared for the procedure that follows – if you want to recover the damage that has been done to you. Therefore, we will give you some useful tips that every driver should know if they ever find themselves in situations like these. If you miss out on some important things on the spot, you may not be able to get compensation at all – or it will be much more difficult to get through.

The key thing is to provide evidence of the accident. It is first and foremost implying a police record or in some cases other documents such as European car accident reports, etc. Sometimes, even these documents are not sufficient to obtain damage compensation so it would be a good idea to take a picture of the place of an accident and try to find the witnesses.

Most of these things you will not learn while taking driving lessons. Here are the steps you should take.

Step 1 – Get Medical Assistance If You Need It

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Spring and summer are the periods when we face the most traffic accidents. It is the time when we drive faster, more freely –  and sometimes carelessness takes its toll. This is also a time when we have to show extra caution, as the roads are crowded with motorcyclists – who are frequent participants in road accidents where there are many serious injuries and even fatalities.

If you have a car accident, the first and most important thing is to seek medical help. Life and health always come first.

According to cordiscosaile.com, in practice, it happens that the injured person does not feel anxious and thinks that everything is fine with him – but the consequences of an accident can manifest in a few days, even months of delay. If your injuries are caused by the negligence or arrogant behavior of another driver – he or she will be obliged to compensate you for that damage. Keep all medical documentation and instructions – as they may serve as evidence in the process of compensation.

Step 2 – Obtain the Police Record

After that, you or a close person, obtain a police record of the traffic accident. It will show who is responsible for the accident. When drafting the record – it must contain all the facts about the accident. In particular, it refers to the names of the witnesses present and their address – and this must be ensured on the spot.

Then, if you are incapable of working, you need to open a sick leave – or if you are an entrepreneur, file a claim to discontinue business. In accidents with a more severe outcome – follow-up treatment and therapy are required to be respected for your own sake. Again, keep all medical records.

Step 3 – Keep All The Medical And Other Bills

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Every car accident is a traumatic experience. Trauma can be manifested in many ways – whether through nightmares, often through fear of operating a vehicle or driving in any vehicle.

Contact the psychiatrist with the slightest sign of discomfort. You need to keep all the bills you paid for the treatment process. These can be medication bills, taxi services, someone else’s care, and assistance, and the like. All these may be subject to material cost reimbursement.

Step 4 – Hire an Attorney

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It often happens that insurance companies do not want to acknowledge the legal basis of the damage that occurs in the accident – wanting to highlight the victim’s contribution in it. This also happens in a situation where they acknowledge the basis – but do not want to pay the appropriate adequate amount of compensation.

Therefore, they are trying to reduce their obligation. To maximize the amount of damage you need to collect – you need a lawyer. Moreover, it is necessary for the lawyer to have a good understanding of traffic accidents, traffic violations – and to have a good knowledge of case law when deciding the collection amount of damages. In such and similar cases, the injured party should contact the law firm.

Advantage Of Having Legal Help

The advantage of hiring a lawyer when claiming damages from a car accident is having much greater legal knowledge than the agencies for collecting such damages. Often, agencies are unable to collect fast money in a quiet procedure – and it happens that they leave their clients in the lurch, not wanting to take legal action.


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