4 Best Firewood for Your Wood Stove

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Although all wood burns, not all of them burn similarly. Some wood burns faster, cleaner, and for longer periods than others. Because of this, it’s crucial to understand the properties of firewood before choosing one for your wood stove. Before purchasing firewood, there are many things to think about. But if you are looking to get the best quality Firewood in Bulk, you can find here.

Let’s find out some of the best firewood available and how you should choose one.

Types Of Firewood

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Firewood mostly is of two types:

  • Hardwood
  • Softwood

Both of these terms are fairly common, but only one of them is preferred as firewood, and that is hardwood. Hardwood burns for a longer time, and they are also dense in structure. So, not only will it burn for longer, but it will also produce less amount of smoke. Due to its dense nature, hardwood is used in making types of furniture. So, most furniture at your home is made up of hardwood.

Next comes softwood. These trees have needle-like leaves and are less thick. When you chop this tree, you will feel the stickiness in your hand because the tree bark is made up of resins. It is clear from that that the tree is a softwood tree.

Softwood is used in the construction sector. They are used in the production of beams. Softwoods are not the ideal material for igniting fire since they contain resin sap. If you use them as a fire stock, you will notice a lot of black smoke; this is because resins are burning. But, it doesn’t mean they are not used; they can be used to start a fire.

What To Look For When Buying The Firewood

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Although choosing firewood may seem simple, it is actually a challenging task. You must consider several variables.

  • The effectiveness of the wood is the most crucial element. Choosing hardwood over some woods, such as softwood, is preferable.
  • There is a chance that there may be massive black smoke if you choose softwood and thus necessitates routine cleaning, and it is not only time-consuming, it can be frustrating too.
  • The reliability factor must also be taken into account. It is strongly advised against using firewood that is soft or sticky. These wood emit compounds that are damaging to the stove’s surface and internal parts. That is why hardwoods are advised because they provide less wear and tear.
  • Safety is the most crucial element. When you use softwood as firewood, you can be posing a risk to your safety. You must have heard of chimney fires, and the main reason for it is when creosote builds up in the chimney.

4 Best Firewood for Your Wood Stove

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1. Hickory

It is preferred because it burns longer. So, even if the coals are ignited at night, they still are warm in the morning. In addition to burning longer, it also has a lovely fragrance. Since there is no creostate buildup, there won’t be any black smoke; thus, you don’t have to constantly worry about cleaning your chimneys. Also, hickory retains some moisture, and you should dry them thoroughly before using it.

2. Oak

You don’t need to look all over the place for oak because it is easily obtainable. It burns more slowly and continuously. You are aware that the wood must be adequately seasoned before lighting a fire, and oaks sometimes require more time. It can take up to 12 months and sometimes 24 months too. Although the wait is lengthy, you will have the best experience ever once it is complete. However, oak is a favorite of the public and is widely distributed.

Additionally, it barely produced any smoke. It comes in red oak and white oak varieties. The issue now is which one you should choose.

The white one is preferred over the red one. White oak has very little porosity and retains relatively little moisture. Consequently, it will burn longer. Your fireplace and stove will both benefit from the addition of oak firewood. And it is great for one more thing, and that is barbeque!

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3. Ash

Many people prefer ash because it easily separates into smaller pieces and burns at a constant rate. Its neutral scent—which is perfect—is another reason why people appreciate it. It doesn’t smell nice or unpleasant. It takes much less time to the season than oak, about half a year. That indicates that you can cut ash, season it, and it will be ready to use within the year.

Low ash moisture content means that there won’t be a heavy amount of smoke. It creates effective heat, the smoke production is less, and it provides heat for a longer time; it has every good feature that any firewood must have. So, without any doubt, you can use this as firewood for your stove.

4. Maple firewood

Not only you, but many others also associate the word maple with sweet maple syrup. You’ll be pleased to learn that maple wood is a great option for firewood in addition to providing delicious maple syrup. It burns in a way like ash. You will get the finest effects if it is appropriately and sufficiently seasoned.

The ease with which it is accessible throughout all states is one of its best features. When you burn it, you will get the maple scent. It doesn’t produce large sparks, which is advantageous for someone who desires a fire with fewer sparks. This is ideal if you want to give your room a sweet maple aroma and feel festive.


Knowing the kind of firewood to purchase is crucial whenever you go buying. From a safety standpoint, it is also vital. Keep in mind that you should always choose hardwood ones. Also, select wood that burns for a longer time. In this manner, you will avoid repeatedly lighting the fire. You have seen some of the best choices mentioned above, and now you know which of them you should go for.