6 Best Flying Insect Traps for Your Home 2024 – Buying Guide

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The warm period is approaching and with it all the flying insects. Running around and chasing them with a folded magazine can be one of the most annoying activities. For that reason, looking for insect traps is your best solution.

In warm regions like Australia for example, the flying insects are always present. That is why Australians have thought of various traps to install both inside and outside their homes. With such simple tools, they have reached a flyless environment inside their homes to properly enjoy their stay.

If you are easily annoyed with flies, or you have a serious insect problem in your region, you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll go through some of the best flying insect traps. Keep reading, and learn which product is the most suitable for your needs to improve your living conditions.

1. Fly terminator pro – Starbar

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This large trap is one of the greatest options for your outdoors. It looks like a jar or a container and has space for more than 30 000 insects before it needs to be replaced.

Even though it is highly effective and strong, it has an unpleasant scent that may cause harm to your children or pets. For that reason, it is for flying insect traps for outdoor use.

Place it somewhere that your children have no access to, and make sure it is not close to a wall or a window. The scent attracts bugs and cockroaches that might get inside your property, and do more harm than good.

2. Fly magnet – Victor

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This is one of the most convenient traps because it can be easily reused. It is a glass container with an inert style that can be fit inside every environment and scenario suitable for flying insect traps indoor use. It can be also used for improving your outdoor experiences.

The container is equipped with a tent, where the flies get baited, and they fall inside the depths of the trap. The bait is made from food particles that were previously dehydrated. This means that you have to place the cube in water prior the use.

As soon as the container gets filled with insects, which could take around seven days, just toss them out and insert a new cube.

3. Window fly traps – Catchmaster

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As you have seen, all the flying insects are attracted to the window portions in our homes. For that reason, it is only smart to implement a window trap and get rid of them.

With a product that is easy to install, you cannot go wrong with a window trap for domestic use. They come in a package of four sheets. Stick one to the window, and wait until there are many insects stuck to it. Just unpeel it and throw the stripe in the trash.

If there is residue from the glue, it can be easily removed with a couple of swipes with any alcohol. After that, adhere to a new trap, and enjoy your flyless homestays.

4. Electronic fly and insect trap – EnviroBug

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When it comes to conditions in the food industry, everything must be clean and pest free. Especially in dine-in places, having flies around leaves a bad picture that your customers will surely not appreciate.

For that reason, you should consider an electronic fly and insect trap. This is a device that you can install on your own to prevent wasting additional finances for contractors. All you need is to pick a location that has a socket on and install the device.

The electronic trap is equipped with a UV light that attracts insects as suggested here. In addition, the device comes with boards with glue. They serve as an additional attraction unit since they are equipped with pheromones. This device has been thoroughly tested and is one of the best mosquito zapper Australia products.

That way, when the flies get attracted to the light and glue, they get stuck and can be thrown away after. This will lead to a clean kitchen or restaurant that your customers will surely enjoy. In addition, you are sure that your restaurant passes all the inspections and prevents penalties.

5. Zapper – Avitong

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One of the most satisfying traps for all of the flying insects is the zappers. Not only are they effective, but they are also durable in all weather conditions. Their casing prevents water to get to the UV lamp which makes them highly suitable for outdoor use.

Naturally, all the flies and moths are attracted to UV. When they come in contact with the zapper, they fall on the ground or get on the lower portions of the zapper which makes cleaning super easy.

6. Flytrap – Bug ball

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If you have been in a situation where the outdoor activities have turned into a nightmare because of horseflies, you know how important killing them is. Getting bitten is painful, and it completely ruins any activity outside. For that reason, the bug ball is on our side to protect us from such situations.

It is a large ball made from polyvinyl chloride and is covered with a special solution to bait large insects. However, you will need to spend time installing it. You first need to blow up the ball with the needles inside the package. Next, you will have to use the chord and the suction to position the ball in the right location.

Once installed, cover the ball with the sticky bait, and wait to see the results. This is one of the most popular traps for outdoor use because people can use their solutions to cover the ball. Because the ball can withstand all conditions, you should not worry about letting it out in the rain.


With so many products, it might be hard for you to decide which is the right option in your situation. You get to decide on the type of traps depending on what you need.

If you need a quick tool to get rid of the flies, it is better to go with a sticky trap. If you want a long-term solution, the container traps are better. In case you live in an area with a lot of insects, it is better to go with some of the best bug zappers Australia has. They are great for every flying insect, and you cannot go wrong.