Best Honeymoon Destinations 2024


Are you on the verge of getting married and still planning a honeymoon? Or have you already tied the knot but are still looking for the perfect getaway destination?

Many Canadian couples have had to postpone wedding celebrations over the past year because of the pandemic. With travelling restrictions and the hefty costs of vacations, even our expert in online casinos, Daniel Bennet, describes the importance of frugality.

Now that the world is reaching a semblance of normalcy, newlyweds want to start planning their dream honeymoons. It’s preferably a destination with white sandy beaches, bottomless cocktails, and full-body massages while enjoying their favourite online casino games at

We’ve compiled a list for all those starry-eyed couples looking for the most perfect and affordable getaways in 2024.

Croatia (Mediterranean)

Love birds looking for idyllic honeymoon ideas can check out the exotic location of Croatia. Other than exuding an aura of romance, the Mediterranean country offers stunning medieval architecture, enchanting countryside, and a dazzling coastline.

The splendour of Croatia lies in its deep natural beauty. The climate, the beach, and the greenery of the country all contribute to its charm. Canadian couples may choose to stay in one city and still experience many attractive features during their stay.

Other fantastic aspects are the nightlife and food. Many nightclubs and pubs, especially in the capital Zagreb, offer DJs and live music regularly. The food has also put the country in league with some of the top foodie countries, providing simple burgers and other traditional street foods.

Croatia is the leading destination for shooting scenes in the famous series Game of Thrones. So if you’re a diehard GOT fan, this destination may suit you perfectly.

Indonesia (Asia and Oceania)

The best time to enjoy this Asian collective is between April and October. If you enjoy the idea of slashing through jungles or walking on beaches, you can do so in Indonesia. The country seems to have an unlimited amount of boutiques and resorts for honeymooners to enjoy a champagne sundowner. You can relax with a couples’ massage or explore one of the multiple hidden coves.

If you’re more of an adventurous twosome, take the time to navigate the compelling rainforests in Borneo. Southern Borneo is the least explored region of Asia, and along with Sumatra, is home to the giant orangutan.

The only thing that separates the density of the trees is the Sekonyer River. For couples looking to have more private time, you can enjoy a few hours on the water via a klotok.
As evening approaches, they’ll convert the top deck into an open-air bedroom, including mosquito nets, and you can feast your eyes on the luminescence of the fireflies.

Indonesia is one of the best honeymoon destinations on a budget. With the exchange rate, Canadian couples can be frugal and still have a fantastic time.

Tanzania (Africa)

Prepare for the burnt orange and red horizons, with vast open skies and romantic, candlelit dinners in the heart of the bushveld. Couples can enjoy a thrilling safari in the afternoon, then spend the night under the stars surrounded by canvas and the sounds of African crickets.

Most African cultures celebrate when two people come together in matrimony, so most lodges and camps cater to and dote on honeymooners. They’ll go the extra mile with drinks on arrival, a romantic setup in your room, and couples’ spa treatments.

The lodge you stay at depends on your tastes; if you want to experience the African Serengeti in all its glory, choosing camps with tents and roaming animals are the way to go. However, if you prefer a more refined experience, the hotel lodges overlooking the grassland will suit you.

If you’re finished with the plains of Tanzania and still have some time and resources, you might want to check out the neighbouring beaches of Zanzibar. This detour is perfect to end your time in Africa.

Las Vegas (USA)

For Canadian couples looking for the best honeymoon destinations in the USA, look no further than Las Vegas. Of course, there are plenty more, but we’ll focus on this one. Known as the world’s gambling capital and marriage capital, the Nevada city is a famous honeymoon destination. The cost of weddings may also be a prominent contributor for engaged couples.

The city has hosted up to 60,000 weddings each year, pre-covid. Couples flock there for a swift wedding or to have the most extravagant nuptials. The entertainment aspect is out of this world. With so much to choose from, couples will never have the time to get to everything. From Ceasar’s Palace, the Red Rock Canyon to MGM Grand, and everything on the Las Vegas strip, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Newlyweds can enjoy multiple eateries and partake in casino games. If you’ve exceeded all your time, you may be interested in online casino websites and enjoy a game of slots or poker.

Whatever your reason for choosing the city of lights as your honeymoon location, you’ll never have a dull moment. Your stay will be action-packed and filled with glamour.

Honourable Mentions

We’ve mentioned just a few destinations in different regions of the world you may find interesting; however, there are so many more. A few of the other exciting honeymoon vacation areas you might appreciate include:

  • Fiji
  • Bahamas
  • Grenada
  • Disney World
  • South Africa
  • Paris
  • Thailand
  • Seychelles
  • Jamaica
  • Barbados
  • Greece

These regions are situated worldwide from Africa to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Asia, and Europe. They are all prevalent vacation areas, and people, married or otherwise, have flocked there religiously to unwind and recuperate.

Searching for 2024 honeymoon destinations during covid.19 may have been challenging for people looking to get married. Possibly, they had to postpone it due to limited funds, health concerns, or job uncertainty, but now they’re ready to get back into the swing of things.

Canadian couples can now start planning their dream honeymoons if they haven’t already and look at the above places. These destinations should give you an idea of what you’re looking for in your getaway.